Healing by Music: My personal experience

 My personal experience

"Mommy, this music is magical...look at the trees dancing"

That is what my son said when he first heard "Wind" by pianist Brian Crain. From that moment on he was hooked on that melody.  Oddly enough, every time we play it outside, the wind will blow a little stronger making the trees and plants around us come together in a beautiful magical dance of nature.  I truly believe in healing by music as I have seen it happening right before my eyes.

Ok, so this is a medical blog, so perhaps talking about magic and melodies is not the best way to target the subject.  Healing has always been linked to medication, doctors, physical therapy, chiropractors, and others.  However, I have seen and felt the power of music healing my soul and the soul of my loved ones repeatedly.  Healing by music is indeed an ally to conventional medicine and healthcare.  Depression, anxiety, and stress can lead to a series of complications that will affect our health and possibly even have irreversible consequences. The three mentioned above can be treatable and possibly even cured through music therapy.

My grandpa has dementia and although he is not undergoing any music therapy at the moment, it is so noticeable that when we put on either music of his era or classical music, his mood changes from one second to another.  He will go from reading the newspaper locked up in his office, to going outside where the music is playing (along with his newspaper) to enjoy reading in a more sociable area of the house.  He will even sing along to some of the songs remembering a few lines here and there. Just as it has helped my grandpa with his dementia, music therapy has proved to be highly effective in conditions such as amnesia, Alzheimer's, schizophrenia, speech disorders and more.

My son is 5 years old.  He was abandoned by his father while he was still growing inside of me.  To this day, he does not know his father.  From time to time, he has asked me where his father is. He has questioned if his father is dead or if he lives far away.  The explanation given to him is one that will assure him he is better off with me. It's given to him without the necessity of bad mouthing anyone and always will love and comfort.  Nevertheless, in his eyes, I see he is still puzzled. I decided to turn to music to help him through. Since he was small, he has been listening to Mozart, Beethoven, and other classical composers as well as piano and violin instrumental music. He has also been playing the Violin for 10 months almost and he is excelling at it. At playtime, and for his love of pirates, he will ask for Celtic music.  Since his dosage of music has been increased, so has the peace in his eyes. His moods are 95% happy, cheery, and satisfied moods.  He is a lovable and amazing beautiful soul.

So there you have it!  My grandpa is 90 and my son is 5.  This goes to show everyone can experience healing by music.  Music therapy goes back a long way.  We have all read or heard about the Mozart Effect from the mother's womb. Meditation music was not created just for kicks. However, it is not until you see changes in yourself and in your loved ones that you truly learn to believe it it and best of all, you fall in love with it.

“Without music, life would be a mistake.”

― Friedrich Nietzsche

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