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Daily living medical supplies online: A day in the life of…

Submitted by Mariela Miranda on 13:25

You’ve grown so accustomed to her face that she almost makes the day begin. Almost. You still need just a little bit of help getting out of bed in the morning (but who doesn’t? Amirite folks? Especially on Mondays). The Standers Bed Cane with Organizer is perfect for people who extra support to get out of bed. It includes an organizer pouch to keep personal belongings near and folds down for portability. This type of medical supplies online is compatible with the majority of traditional beds and blends in with the room – that is to say, it’s just like any other piece of furniture, both practical as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Our aloe vera medical supplies online do have aloe vera

Submitted by Mariela Miranda on 16:59

It may sound pleonastic to say that the aloe vera gel medical supplies online available at Discount Medical Supplies do indeed contain aloe vera, but the disclaimer is actually warranted. According to Bloomberg research, several store-brand aloe vera gels turned out to be 100% aloe vera-free. Ironic, when one remembers that vera is the Latin word for ‘true.’ Bloomberg had four gels analyzed; Wal-Mart’s Equate Aloe After Sun Gel with pure aloe vera (which customers should not equate with aloe vera), Target’s Up & Up Aloe Vera Gel with pure aloe vera (which is not on the up and up about having aloe vera), CVS Aftersun Aloe Vera Moisturizing Gel, and Walgreens Alcohol Free Aloe Vera Body Gel (not just alcohol-free).

Do you want to look like Antonio Sabato Jr.? These supplies can help you!

Submitted by Mariela Miranda on 12:15

You know, like in the Janet Jackson video? Whether you want to or not, you might just be compelled to look like the 90’s soap opera model. After all, and according to Variety, the 44 year old would like to be “fitness czar” in the White House. And you know he has a powerful friend there. So how does Antonio Sabato Jr. work out? According to someone who read his book, Mr. Sabato “separates his upper and lower body workouts on alternate days.” As it turns out, you can find fitness supplies for your upper and lower body here at Discount Medical Supplies online.

Canes Crutches & Wheelchairs new Planes Trains & Automobiles

Submitted by Mariela Miranda on 09:40

Jonathan Coffin, the oldest living practicing poet, didn’t like to be on wheels. However, at 97 years young he could not help but use mobility aids. Today, medical supplies online such as canes, crutches, and wheelchairs are widely available at Discount Medical Supplies, as we can see below.

Medical Supplies Online Better for Low Blood Sugar

Submitted by Mariela Miranda on 11:36

Medical supplies online – more specifically, glucose tablets – are better than sugary food or drinks to manage the symptoms of low blood sugar, according to a new study. Also known as hypoglycemia, low blood sugar is more often than not associated with diabetes, or rather with its treatment. Taking too much insulin – as well as other diabetes medications – can cause blood sugar to drop to dangerous levels. However, diabetics can also experience hypoglycemia if they skip a meal or exercise too much. The symptoms of low blood sugar include:

The Tri-Core Cervical Pillow: You can literally sleep on it.

Submitted by Mariela Miranda on 09:44

The Tri-Core Cervical Pillow is a highly sought-after fiber support pillow that achieves logical impossibility of providing firm yet soft support. 

Anger and Extreme Exercise May Trigger Heart Attack

Submitted by Mariela Miranda on 09:35

Many people have the tendency to hit the gym or go for a run when they are mad.  We grew up hearing that exercise make us happy, that it releases endorphins and that it takes the stress away. It’s only natural and logical, especially if you are into sports, to want to exercise when you are mad.  However new studies show that you might want to wait a while for the anger to cool off before you get into extreme physical activity.  In your attempt to calm yourself through exercise, you will be tripling the risk of suffering from a heart attack up to 1 hour after.

Job insecurity? You just may need diabetic medical supplies

Submitted by Mariela Miranda on 17:26

Sometimes an employee’s only motivation to work just hard enough not to get fired is the fear of losing their job, but that fear may be responsible for a 19% increased risk of being diagnosed with diabetes – and thus require medical supplies such as glucose meters and tests strips –, according to a new study. The researchers couldn’t find a cause-and-effect relationship between job insecurity and diabetes, but lead author Jane Ferrie, of the University of Bristol and University College London in the U.K., said that the findings could be a sort of missing link. Job insecurity has been previously associated with a higher body mass index (BMI), which in turn is a risk factor for diabetes. Work-related stress can result in overeating and other unhealthy practices, and stress hormones can directly cause weight gain.

Caregivers can sue nursing homes, long-term care facilities

Submitted by Mariela Miranda on 13:08

They say American society is a litigious one, and god willing, it will continue to be so in the foreseeable future. A new rule, which guarantees the rights of patients and their relatives – also known as caregivers – to sue long-term care facilities in court as opposed to settling disputes in arbitration, was recently released by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Beginning in November, the rule will ban the more than 15,000 facilities that receive money from Medicare or Medicaid from requiring residents to sign nursing home contracts including so-called pre-dispute binding arbitration clauses.

Ergonomic Beads Eye Pillow for Migraine Relief

Submitted by Mariela Miranda on 17:12

After a long day of work and sitting in traffic for hours all you want to do is get home and rest the pounding headache that all the daily hassles triggered. For those who suffer from migraine like me, you know where I’m coming from.  So you get home, turn off the lights, cancel all noise possible, you take some migraine headache pills and you get into bed. There is one thing missing though. The one thing that will give you the cherry on top to get rid of that horrible episode and help you get back on your feet:  The IMAK Ergonomic Beads Eye Pillow by Brownmed.


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