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Use rehab and pain management supplies, not scorpion venom

Submitted by Mariela Miranda on 11:55

Rehab and pain management supplies are so widely and affordably available at medical supply stores such as Discount Medical Supplies that it is very easy to take them for granted. And yet just 331 miles from Miami – but all the way over in the Third World – Cubans have been reduced to using venom from live scorpions to relieve musculoskeletal pain. Such is the case of 71 year old Pepe Casañas who, according to Fox News, “keeps a scorpion in his hat in case he starts to feel a pain he needs to treat.” And that’s just his travel scorpion, you know, in case of an emergency. In addition to that one, he has three or four scorpions at home for his monthly needs.

Cheap Medical Stuff Online for Diabetic to Exercise With

Submitted by Mariela Miranda on 16:35

Cheap medical stuff online – especially fitness medical supplies – can be very important for people who have diabetes. According to the CDC, physical activity makes one more insulin-sensitive, helps control blood glucose levels and decreases the risk of heart disease and nerve damage. Unfortunately, the cost of joining a gym deters many diabetics from exercising as often as they should. Luckily, you can convert your house into your very own home gym at a very reasonable and accessible price courtesy of Discount Medical Supplies. However, fiduciary trouble is not the only thing standing diabetics and exercise.

Rising Care Costs & the Need for Online Medical Supplies

Submitted by Mariela Miranda on 16:19

We’ve just scratched the surface of life under a Trump presidency and already things are looking bleaker than ever. Having a president fall back on campaign promises is not unheard of, but seeing a president as incoherent and contradictory as Trump is unprecedented. Perhaps the biggest example of a campaign promise gone awry is Trump’s famous claim to repeal and replace Obamacare. In the end, the president left health care in the incapable hands of Paul Ryan, and although Trump distanced himself as much as possible from the failed Republican health bill, the president’s “Nobody knew health care was this hard,” comment will go down in history as one of the most ridiculous statements ever uttered by a sitting president.

Medical supplies online can help stressed out Alabama relax

Submitted by Mariela Miranda on 17:40

Stress is a serious condition and there are medical supplies online available to help relieve it. And no one is more in need of these products that the poor citizens of the state of Alabama – the most stressed out state in the Union, according to a new WalletHub study. According to the report (which employed data from the U.S. Census, Department of Housing and Urban Development and the CDC) the Cotton State had the highest number of people with poor health and the fewest psychologists per capita – but that last one is good, right? Or is that lawyers? Furthermore, Alabamians had the least number of hours of sleep a night as well as some of the lowest credit scores. Louisiana, Mississippi, West Virginia and Kentucky rounded up the top five most stressed states.

The Impact Diet Trends Have on Heart Health

Submitted by Mariela Miranda on 10:01

It’s not uncommon for a new diet fad to take rise every year, from the craze about juicing to the warnings regarding gluten, it seems like every year health nuts are promoting a new trend with some bold claims. But apart from what the diets say they can do, doctors wanted to investigate and see what kind of impact these diet trends had on the most important organ for men and women living in the US: the heart.

Great savings this week at Discount Medical Supplies!

Submitted by Mariela Miranda on 10:56

To help put the power back in the hands of the shopper, we are unrolling vast savings on our ENTIRE inventory for this week. Anything and everything from the extremely popular TENS Units, to something simple that helps increase your qualify of life – take a Doorknob Gripper for example – whatever the case may be, patients can pounce on the opportunity to save hundreds on all of their needs.

Are Health & Fitness Apps Beneficial?

Submitted by Mariela Miranda on 13:08

At some point or another, we’ve all come across an old saying that we should walk a minimum of 10,000 steps each day. In fact, this 10,000 step mark has become a common milestone amongst the myriad of health and fitness apps that are bought and downloaded each day. But how accurate is this ‘10,000 step’ mark? And are fitness apps all that beneficial?

Understanding & Recognizing Dementia Symptoms

Submitted by Mariela Miranda on 16:40

While you might be inclined to believe otherwise, dementia is actually not a disease. Rather, dementia is the name given to a variety of symptoms that are caused from excessive damage to the brain. Find out more about the different symptoms and their causes down below.

Go on and try TENS unit supplies and yoga for low back pain

Submitted by Mariela Miranda on 15:49

TENS unit supplies are a safe and effective way to relieve low back pain and can yoga be, according to a new review was published online recently in the journal Cochrane Library. Assistant professor of family and community medicine at the University of Maryland and review author L. Susan Wieland and colleagues analyzed 12 studies of over 1000 subjects with lower back pain comparing yoga to physical therapy or patient education. Some evidence was found that yoga resulted in small improvements in pain, and small to moderate improvements in back function at 3 and 6 months.

The Importance of Proper Wound Hygiene

Submitted by Mariela Miranda on 15:56

While there’s no denying that online medical supplies are a huge help to treating wounds and illnesses, knowing the importance of proper wound care is equally vital. Understanding the repercussions of improperly treated wounds will help patients and caregivers alike recover from any unwanted injuries in a speedy and efficient manner


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