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Save on all Wound Care Supplies this Week!

Submitted by Mariela Miranda on 12:00

Procedures to take care of wounds at home can be easy and clean if you have the right products. Properly taking care of a wound can mark the difference between a nasty scar, infection, possible amputation and a healthy healed wound.

Wound care is not an exact science and depends mainly on clinical observation and professional experience. For this reason, good training at home and knowledge of health professionals will always be essential factors in wound care.  The most important thing in wound care is to diagnose and treat the underlying cause of the injury. This step is essential to create the optimal conditions for healing.

Discount Medical Supplies has all you need to provide a healthy wound healing procedure at home. Our wound care section is filled with great quality products at affordable prices! Choose from any of the following:

Ankle Sprain First Aid Tips

Submitted by Mariela Miranda on 15:50

A very frequent problem in the active population is the ankle sprain; however it is an injury that can happen to anyone. Whether you are someone who has a moderate to high physical activity lifestyle or someone who is sedentary, you are prone to suffering from a rupture of ligaments at any time. Ankle sprains can happen during sports or simply by stepping on a street level.  This is why it is very important to understand the injury and to know how to treat it. We hope this article can help you understand better what actions to take in case you or a loved one suffer an ankle sprain. 

How to Know if I Suffer From Anemia

Submitted by Mariela Miranda on 13:44

Anemia is a condition where tissue cells are not able to receive the proper quantity of nutrients and vitamins due to the decrease in red blood cells. Do you believe you might be suffering from anemia?  In this article we want to help you get to know this condition a little better, the symptoms and the possible causes and to help you understand if what you have been feeling lately is caused by anemia.  Keep in might though that only your doctor can ultimately diagnose your condition and provide you the right treatment.  This information that we give you however may prompt you to visit your doctor.

Get our Respiratory Supplies on Sale!!

Submitted by Mariela Miranda on 10:19

Low temperatures, abrupt climatic changes and environmental pollution contribute to the onset of common respiratory illnesses such as flu, cold, cough, otitis (ear infections), bronchitis and laryngitis; as well as other chronic respiratory diseases that can lead to death: pneumonia, asthma and chronic respiratory problems such as pneumonia.

How to Know if I Need Orthopedic Insoles

Submitted by Mariela Miranda on 11:47

Orthopedic insoles are helpful in correcting or alleviating certain feet conditions, in order to improve our quality of life and allow us to walk without discomfort. When we suffer from a condition in our feet it does not only affect our “striders”, but it can also have their impact on joints such as ankles, knees or hips. It might not always be easy to know if you need orthopedic insoles, so we want to give you advice on the signs that may indicate that it is time to consult a podiatrist or physical therapist.

Are Lip Moisturizing Balms Addictive?

Submitted by Mariela Miranda on 14:49

 If you are the type of person who takes Vaseline or lip moisturizers everywhere you go, you will have discovered that the more you use them, the more your lips seem to need them.  Are you addicted to lip balms?  The fact that you have that sensation all the time actually has a scientific explanation which we will talk about.  Also, we want to recommend good options of lip balms for you that you can find right here in our catalog.

Benefits of Using Maternity Support Belts During and After Pregnancy.

Submitted by Mariela Miranda on 13:01

Before making the decision of buying a maternity support belt, the most important thing is to consult your obstetrician.  Your doctors has full knowledge of your history and will know if you are able to use it, or if it is not advisable in your case. In a pregnancy, you can never be too careful. 

Getting a Massage is a Necessity Not a Luxury

Submitted by Mariela Miranda on 17:38

In modern society, it is crucial to get to know and apply methods on how to eliminate stress from your life.  Work, family and technology can accelerate our lives to a point where it can become impossible to stop and sooner or later you are left with medical conditions that triggered from stress.  We all need to find our balance between our emotional and physical states.

Calming Yourself and Others and During Extreme Panic Attack

Submitted by Mariela Miranda on 09:20

During an earthquake or a natural disaster some people might experience extreme fear and anxiety triggering a nervous breakdown that can ultimately lead to life threatening accidents. While under this state of uncontrollable fear, individuals can lose control of themselves, for they lose what is called the principle of reality and enter into a state of psychosis that they cannot control.

Save this week on ALL Patient Care Products!

Submitted by Mariela Miranda on 10:26

This week Discount Medical Supplies has a great promotion for everyone! Why everyone? Well, the chosen category for us to promote this week is the Patient Care Products Category and these types of products are very popular because we all need to use them on a daily basis. This week, when you purchase items from this category, you will be able to get either a 10% discount if your order is over $80 or a 15% discount if your order is over $150.


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