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The ABCs of Pseudoephedrine

Submitted by Stephanie Arroyo on 08:40

Pseudoephedrine is a powerful pharmacological solution that generates a series of advantages in certain diseases or incidents in the body, to the point that it is one of the most effective remedies to combat them. Because, in fact, one of its many applications derives from the constricting power of the vessels of the respiratory mucosa of its components. Due to this characteristic it is one of the most common medications by patients to remedy all kinds of processes linked to this important body part.

Possible Causes of that Tingling Sensation on your Fingers

Submitted by Stephanie Arroyo on 15:45

Do you feel cramps in your hands, tingling in your fingers or do they fall asleep for a long time and it does not go away?  In this article want to discuss what the cause of that annoying sensation can be and what treatments you can follow to put an end to your problem. At first we might not give too much importance to feel tingling sensation or that the fingers go numb. Maybe because at first these sensations may not be entirely uncomfortable.

Understanding the Glycemic Index

Submitted by Stephanie Arroyo on 08:08

Surely you will wonder if it is necessary to know about this topic, and really yes. Why? Because it not only benefits people suffering from diabetes, there are many foods that can alter your glycemic index, among many other factors. Although it seems simple, it is complex information, but then we will give you all the details in a practical and simple way.

Living with Parkinson Disease the Right Way

Submitted by Stephanie Arroyo on 08:54

Parkinson's disease is a progressive disease of the nervous system that affects movement. Parkinson's disease is a chronic nervous and degenerative disorder that occurs when neurons do not generate enough dopamine, a very important chemical found in the brain.  It is a disease much more present in men than in women and usually appears between 50 and 60 years, although it may appear earlier, in an early onset of the disorder.

Show your Bones some Love

Submitted by Stephanie Arroyo on 11:26

You only have 1 skeleton and it is supposed to last forever.  But do you know what you should not do so that it does not deteriorate before time? Here is some good advice to help you take care of your bones and also some data that you probably did not know.

Get a 10% OFF on all Daily Living Aids at DMS this Week!

Submitted by Stephanie Arroyo on 14:34

This is a very special week at Discount Medical Supplies. An important promotion is starting today. We say important because it can relate to all of us. This week, you will be able to get a 10% discount on our Daily Living Aids Category.  Your order has to be $85 or more to make you eligible for the promo.

Ibuprofen or diclofenac: Best anti-inflammatory and when to take them?

Submitted by Stephanie Arroyo on 08:58

Do you know how and when you should consume ibuprofen or diclofenac and in what situations should you NOT do so? What is the best anti-inflammatory? Are you looking for an effective medicine to reduce inflammation and relieve your discomfort?

Recovery after Spine Surgery

Submitted by Stephanie Arroyo on 12:11

Do you love to play sports but a back injury prevents you? Has your doctor considered spinal surgery but you are afraid of the risk of not being able to maintain the same rhythm that you have had until now?  If you want to know how to recover quickly from the operation and how you have to focus on returning to the sport so as not to damage your back again, then you will be interested in reading this article.

Dealing with High Blood Pressure Naturally

Submitted by Stephanie Arroyo on 15:52

Hypertension is a relatively common disease, especially in adults. It is a disorder in which the blood exerts a great force on the arterial walls, which poses a risk to health in the short and long term. To control hypertension, it is always good to know natural ways you can handle it like for example the best infusions to lower high blood pressure.

The more muscle you gain the more fat you burn

Submitted by Stephanie Arroyo on 09:05

We live in an era where one of the hottest topics is losing weight. People on the internet, in forums, on TV and even friends and family around us all they talk about is getting fitter. Generally it obeys to certain state of physical dissatisfaction with the sum of an event, this can be: a wedding, the days of beach, a vacations, an excursion, etc. The person in question fills his head with actions in which his body becomes the epicenter of the glances and wants to find a solution at all costs to see even a slight improvement, unfortunately the vast majority tend to think that the improvement is a numerical decrease in their weight. But this is usually an error. Most miracle diets promise to solve those anxieties with a rapid weight loss and that is a wrong approach to the problem.


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