The History of the Medical Mask


In the field of medical equipment, Medical Masks are a commonly and popular item that has inserted itself into the collective conscious as perhaps one of the universal items that are commonly associated with the medical field. The purpose and creation of these masks were indented to protect both the patient and the doctor from bacteria and viruses, therefore avoiding any form of contagion.

Medical Masks have different presentations and different purposes. The most popular one, the one that we is commonly associated with the medical profession is the surgical mask, also know as “procedure mask”. These masks are designed depending on the mode, the most common of them are the 3 ply / 3 layer masks. The materials from which these masks are made up are from a non-woven fabric. The material keeps microbes from exiting and/or entering the mask. They are commonly worn in place with an ear loop, however other designs have the tie and the elastic headband.

The Surgical Mask was originally first used by Paul Berger, he was a French surgeon who used it during an operation in the late 19th Century. Most doctors and surgeons later implemented it as a safety precaution to avoid contagion from different diseases and to avoid contamination of the areas where surgeries were being performed. Eventually other health care field began to see the appearance of the medical mask in time.

Surgical masks are now used by the general public. During recent outbreaks like the swine flu (H1N1) back in 2009 and during the SARS virus outbreak in 2007, it was common in countries like China, Canada, Mexico, Hong Kong and others, that the general public to prevent from catching the disease these masks were used by the public. Currently, with the status of the Ebola virus being an active threat. The use of surgical masks to avoid the airborne virus has been implemented among the many different safety precautions.

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