Hollister Ostomy Supplies Prices

Ostomy patients face a whole-range of issues when it comes to dealing with their procedure and the supplies required, and that includes the up-keep of supplies. Ostomy patients want to feel safe, secure through their day-to-day lives. 
Hollister Ostomy Supplies are the perfect products to accomplish these goals and so much more. Patients feel confident that these health care products will keep them discreet and confident at the same time. These high-quality products include everything-- from pouches to wound care tape.
What are the different types of ostomy?
There are several different types of ostomy procedures. According to Medline Plus, here are the three most common:
Ileostomy is where the bottom of the small intestine meets the stoma bypassing the rectum, anus and colon.
Colostomy is when the colon is attached to the stoma bypassing the rectum and anus.
Urostomy is where the tubes involved in carrying away urine are attached to the stoma bypassing the bladder.

Ostomy Supply Prices
Hollister Ostomy Supplies are extremely affordable and fit well into an array of budgets.
Included are:
Flextend (Extended Wear) Skin barrier, another health care product used to prevent the skin from irritation and/or possible rashes.
Skin gel wipes and Universal Remover Wipes are used to safely and effectively remove the adhesive that holds products such as pouches in place. 
Adapt barrier strips are well-suited to adhere to skin folds. They can stretch and mold to fit into even irregular spaces.
One product that complements Hollister Ostomy Supplies is wound care tape. 
These include: 
3M Healthcare 3M Durapore Surgical Tape is great for securing pouches in place. It possesses strong adhesion qualities and is also water-resistant and hypoallergenic.
The Original Pink Tape by Invacare Supply Group is latex-free and perfect for sensitive skin. This tape is optimal for extended wear. It is also washable and water-proof.
Reliamed Clear Surgical Tape, Latex Free by Milliken Medical is porous, water resistant and hypoallergenic. It can hold a pouch in place securely and effectively.
Although there are many options to purchasing ostomy supplies, Hollister Ostomy Supplies are superior. Their health care products are affordable, high-quality and convenient to order. Plus, they incorporate the latest in technology to give you the best patient experience possible. Say good bye to Ostomy with Hollister supplies today. It all begins right here.