Home Depot Shower Transfer Bench

If you were to browse through its website, you would find quite a few Home Depot shower transfer benches. For example, the Delta Adjustable Tub Transfer Bench, a gray bench featuring non-slip rubber feet, left or right armrests for extra support, adjustable legs, molded seat and reversible backrest; the DMI Heavy-Duty Sliding Transfer Bench with Cut-Out Seat, a sliding side-to-side seat with a durable and lightweight aluminum frame; and the MOEN Home Care Plastic Adjustable Transfer Bench in White, which can sustain up to 300 lbs and has collapsible legs and a split seat designed to tuck curtains in and add accessories.
The MOEN Adjustable Transfer Bench in Glacier White, very lasting and complete with innovative design and finish; the Revolution Mobility Transfer Bench, made with a rust-resistant aluminum frame and reversible so that it can be used in many different bathrooms; the Adjustable and Reversible Padded Transfer Bench, comfortable and non-corrosive as well as reversible to fit any bathroom’s design; the Drive Medical 3-Piece Transfer Bench, which can be easily assembled without tools and has a pinch-free lever; and the Revolution Mobility Bariatric Transfer Bench, a heavy hitter that can withstand up to 500 lbs without sacrificing support and accessibility.

The Transfer Bench with Back, which includes a hand-held shower holder and soap dish, and is very easy to assemble and adjust; and the Safety First Designer Solid Surface Tub Transfer Bench in White, featuring soft-grip handles and a contoured back and shield to prevent tripping. One has nothing to complain of as far as Home Depot shower transfer benches are concerned. However, you can help yourself to as many makes and models at Discount Medical Supplies, and with the low prices to go with that variety. 
If you’re looking for padding for additional comfort, there is the Medline Padded Transfer Benches, and the Padded Vinyl Transfer Bench, by Invacare Supply Group. If what you want is added support for overweight patients, there is the Heavy Duty Bariatric Transfer Bench. If you have difficulties handling tools, there is the CareGuard Tool-less Transfer Bench by Invacare Corporation. If you insist on luxury, there is the Pollenex Teak Corner Spa Bench by Invacare Supply Group. As you can see, there is a little something for everyone, as well as different brands and technologies from which to choose.