How to alleviate a toothache

toothacheHaving a toothache can be one an annoying and intense discomfort that we can experience. It is a pain that should not be ignored, since it can be a sign that there could be a serious situation is happening inside our mouths. The reality is that when we feel toothache we cannot always ensure that a specialist will be able to examine us right away, that is why we must take some measures to reduce the pain while we are cared for.

First of all, we must understand the many possible causes for a toothache to appear. The most common causes can be a cavity that has reached and affected the nerves in the tooth, an abscess in the mouth, the appearance of our wisdom teeth, a remnant of food stuck between the teeth causing inflammation, earaches and/or sinus infections, a cracked tooth or crown.

In case that the pain is caused by a cavity or an abscess, a trip to the dentist is urgent, so it is important that you set up an appointment as soon as possible.

But, what can you do before being examined by a dentist? You can soothe pain at home with several home remedies. The very first one is by applying dental floss. Gently introduce a bit of dental floss on the area that hurts, be very careful as you do it. This is not strictly a natural remedy, but it will help you to eliminate any food residue that is between the teeth and that can be the possible cause of the pain and discomfort. In many occasions severe and intense pain is caused by an obstruction between the teeth and can be easily solved this way.

If there is a cavity or an abscess formed in the tooth you can cleanse the area with salt and water. Mix a spoon full of salt in a regular glass of water and perform gargles with it before each meal. It will disinfect the area and will help to relief the pain.

Another home remedy for the common toothache is black tea. The reason is because tea has tannic acid, which can help with pain and discomfort. This simple remedy works as follows: place a tea bag, previously immersed in hot water, in the tooth that is hurting. Be careful and make sure that the tea bag is not too hot before applying it.

Finally, applying a cold compress or even an Ice Pack on can alleviate the pain greatly. Wrap a towel around an ice pack and hold it in place against the affected cheek. Conversely, a hot compress may be used as well. 

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