How to avoid a winter of discontent for your skin

winter and skin

Winter is the time to separate the ants from the grasshoppers. Only instead of storing up food, experts like Dr. Anne Chapas of Union Square Dermatology in New York City warn that it’s time to prepare your skin for the coming winter. “Wintertime in particular across the country tends to be a time of drier air on the outside, as well as more drier air on the inside because we’re using a lot of radiant heat that really dries out our skin,” she said on, adding that moisturizing serves a practical purpose as well as an aesthetic one. “Skin is our biggest organ and it’s our first line of defense; it’s actually our largest immune system.”

Dry skin tends to crack and then germs can enter through the cracks and cause irritation and eczema. Moreover, with each passing winter the skin ages – as do we – and becomes drier and more susceptible to damage. “Our circulation also decreases, which can also affect our skin,” Chapas said. She advises to spend less time in the shower in winter and apply moisturizer right after. She also recommends keeping skin care products near the toothbrush to serve as a reminder to take care of our skin.

In addition to moisturizer, Chapas says that sunscreen should be used in winter as in summer, as well as spring and autumn. “We need sunscreen all year round because the sun is always damaging our skin.  Also, a lot of us are engaging in higher-elevation sports like skiing where we’re actually getting more sun damage because we’re at that higher elevation. So it’s important to wear an SPF 30 on our face, year-round,” she explained. 

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