How to choose the right wheelchair ramp?

It shouldn't be hard to know how to choose the right wheelchair ramp for you. It is not exactly a complicated task, however, there are certain aspects to consider before placing your ramp order.

Width: This usually depends on the type of wheelchair. It should fit safely within the ramp margins. It is also good to keep in mind where you will be using it, the size of the door opening of your car whether it's on the side or on the back, the entrance of your home, inside your house, etc.
Length and incline: length will determine the incline of your ramp. The longer the ramp the smaller the incline angle will be. Most permanent ramps in public buildings have an incline of 4.8 degrees; this is a good piece of data to keep in mind when looking at ramp lengths. Also, every wheelchair has a maximum incline allowance, check your user's manual before making your choice. 
Strength: For motor powered wheelchairs it might be easier to go up a ramp. But if you are using a manual wheelchair it is recommended to use a longer ramp since it makes it easier. Specialists recommend using a 6:1 ratio (ramp length for inch rise).

Clearance: It is important to pick a ramp that will clear all the stairs, and if not, use shorter ramps instead.
Turning Radius: After knowing your right ramp length, you need to consider if you will be making a turn when getting on or off the ramp. If you will have the enough space to make this move.
There are several websites that can do the length and angle calculation for you and help you choose the right wheelchair ramp
Then after making all the measurements and thinking of all the places you will use your ramp, then go to your favorite mobility aid store. 

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