How to cleanse your body, liver and lungs naturally!

Detoxification is the methodology to expel harmful substances of the body. It is also to help heal all your internal organs you've damaged with unhealthy food, alcohol, cigarettes and other drugs.

Diets that are aimed at achieving a complete detox in a matter of days have existed already for a long time. Although, there is still a lot of debate going on, these diets are yet to be widely accepted.  There is a large population within in the health universe that firmly believes that detox diets are not only healthy and nutritious, but they effectively get rid of toxins. In our catalogue we have a vast array of supplements that you can use to help your body get clean on the inside. These products are perfectly safe and natural, and they are best applied with any of the following diets.

Using fruits to achieve detox is an excellent way to clean your body without punishing your stomach. Among other advantages related to people who consume a lot of fruit, is that they can expand their levels of life, help them have a better control of their weight, and even reduce the risk of a stroke. The downside of the Fruit Detox method is that they can increase insulin levels, thus this type of detoxification is not recommended for people who suffer from diabetes. It is recommended by experts that you do not do this detox more than a straight week.

You may also try to detox with just liquids. Consume only liquids (vegetable juice, water, tea, fruit juice, and/or protein shakes) during 48 to 72 hours. Liquid diets are able to help to drop some weight by limiting your intake of calories, and they are also known of freeing your body toxins. However, there is no scientific research that can confirm this assertion, and the jury appears to be still out on the matter. In the remote possibility that your goal is to lose some weight, you can quickly drop some pounds with this type of diet. But when you return to your normal eating habits, you will very likely regain all the weight that you lost.

There is an additional way to fully cleanse your system with just fruits and vegetables. The method is very simple: only eat fruit and vegetables for 7 days. Sounds easy, right? However the key for a successful cleansing rides on the fact of knowing what should be the vegetables and fruits that you eat, and it what portions. If you are able to obtain balance, you may be successful in cleansing your body. Fruits and vegetables are made up of the many different nutrients that your body needs to stay healthy. Be sure to eat a different mix of them to ensure you are receiving the appropriate nutrients.

• To get the necessary amount of fiber that your body needs you can eat pieces of fruit, soy, artichoke, beans (red and black), and blueberries.

• Potassium is also an important nutrient that your body is in constant need. You can find it on carrots, potatoes, cooked vegetables, bananas, and beans.

•Vitamin C is perhaps one of the more widely known nutrients you can get it from tomatoes, kiwis, brussels sprouts, kale, cauliflower, mangoes, strawberries, oranges, and peppers.

• You can get healthy doses of Folic Acid from asparagus, spinach, oranges, melons, and peas.

• And finally, you can get a healthy dosages of “good” fat from avocados, olives and coconuts.