How to deal with pain in the tailbone

tailboneSevere pain in the tailbone and lower back area can impact our quality of life profoundly and truly be a very unpleasant experience. Pain in the coccyx tends to be very annoying because it does not allow us to be comfortable when you want to relax, in addition to feel a prick-like sensation and intense pain in the bone going down to the buttocks. It makes it very difficult for the person dealing with it to find a comfortable position to relax.  The reason that you feel discomfort in the area can be very varied: from a blow, poor posture, or more serious situations such as specific diseases.

The tailbone is the common name for the Coccyx. It is the final segment of the spine. The causes of the coccyx pain can be many. This area of the body is delicate and certain circumstances can promote pain and discomfort in this region of the body. The most common cause is if you fall or if you have received a blow it is possible that the ligaments in the coccyx have inflamed or injured. The tailbone is not an area that normally is exposed to getting harmed due to a fall or a hit, but it can be easily harmed.

For women during birth labor it is very possible that the tailbone could sustain an injury during delivery as the child head passes over this area and it can create a pressure that can result in an injury.

Athletes and people who practice sports can also suffer from a tailbone injury. There are a number of sports practices that threaten the health of the coccyx and which can ultimately cause an injury. The most common activities that cause the most amount of injuries to the tailbone are horseback riding or biking, due to the fact that we are sitting for hours on a hard surface that can make sure, because those who practice these activities are constantly sitting on a hard surface that can potentially harm that area.

But other factors can come into play when it comes to causing pain in the tailbone. Old age and obesity are other common causes for injuries and pain in this area.

When the coccyx gets injured, it is recommended that you consult with a doctor to determine the severity of the injury and if there are any underlying causes for this condition, but there are ways to help you alleviate the pain.

When sitting, try to sit back completely straight without arching your back, with both feet flat on the floor and knees aligned to the hips (avoid crossing your legs). Try to not sit on surfaces too hard but don’t uses very soft surfaces either because it can cause flare a bad posture and affecting the tailbone. In case that you are in a lot of pain try to use special back supports and/or special cushions to help you find comfort.

Applying Cold and/or Hot therapy to the affected area also provides non-invasive relieve for the pain and can help you relax. It is a great way to soothe the pain and help you relax. However, one step above this would be the use of TENS therapy. Using one of these devices can provide a more thorough and profound sense of relief of the pain that comes with a tailbone injury.

Pain in the tailbone can be treated and usually it can go away after a couple of weeks specially if you follow the instructions that we have mentioned above. However it is recommended that you talk to a doctor if the pain is unbearable and if it persists for more than a week.

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