How do I size adult diapers?

Urinary incontinence diapers for adults can be the most absorbent alternative out there. They are form fitting and specially designed to prevent any leakages to ensure its users maximum protection. Yet sizing them incorrectly could cause all of its benefits to be there for nothing; therefore the importance of asking yourself this question: How do I size adult diapers?

Using a size smaller or larger than what is suggested on the diaper's packaging will cause leakage and all the uncomfortable situations that can come from this sizing defect. It is extremely important to know the right size before purchasing any incontinence product.
With the sole purpose of saving money, some people even buy larger sizes believing they will last longer, ignoring that it is entirely the opposite; the larger the product the higher the price. Besides leakage, skin damage can be a side effect, incontinence associated dermatitis (IAD), perineal infections are only a couple of the skin diseases caused by using the wrong diaper size. The same issue happens when wearing a smaller size than needed.

All adult diaper manufacturers base their diaper sizes on waist size in inches, although this might be confusing. So, it is important to size up two areas: the hip and waist lines. As simple as measuring the circumference of both of these areas. Once both sizes are available, the largest one will determine the waist size required by the diaper brand. So if the hip sized 36" and the waist 32" then 36" is the size of diaper to purchase from the store.
It is important to notice that each brand has different sizing charts. A size M on a TENA diaper is different than the same size on a Prevail undergarment. So next time you ask yourself "How do I size adult diapers?", you will have this guide in mind and it will be a simple task.
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