How does Incontinence affect Self Esteem?

Affect self esteem
Urinary incontinence has a bad reputation around it that makes anyone be curious on how does incontinence affect the self esteem of its patients since it becomes hard for them to tolerate and often feel embarrassed or even trapped in it. Besides feeling ashamed of their uncontrollable situation, the side effects this condition brings to a patient's life can be worsen if it is not treated promptly such as sleep deprivation associated conditions and also skin infections and dermatitis on the urine area. But most importantly it is imperative to analyze how incontinence affects self esteem.

One of three women and one in eight men experience urinary leakages and yet it is one of the most unknown diseases by society and even sometimes by the doctors themselves since their patients find it hard to tell them of their condition; resulting in situations of self isolation and low self image. It not only affects the health of people who suffer it, but influences their quality of life; and according to studies even more than diabetes, hypertension and strokes.

More important than physical consequences, according to experts, are the social and psychological effects, provoked by prejudice and disinformation existing in the affected patient's surroundings. These mental and social consequences include low self esteem and limitations of physical, sexual and work activities when they don't receive adequate treatment. In addition, the affected people have often emotional disorders related to their disease such as panic attacks, stress and depression since they constantly have to be looking for a near bathroom.

It is no secret that such a condition has a stigma and is not socially acceptable; people affected by it often have to ask themselves for trivial questions to organize their lives around this situation like "will it be a long trip?", "will I be able to exercise normally?", and the most common question, "will there be bathrooms nearby?". To know how incontinence affects self esteem we have to put ourselves in the patient's shoes and think of all the possible uncomfortable situations they have to face very day and night and to be afraid all the time, maybe then we might have a small vision of how it changes any person's lifestyle and wellbeing.

It is not an easy topic to talk about, but it will only get worse if it is not discussed and treated fast; no one wants to be known as incontinent but it is important to let a patient know they are not alone; family support is key in helping them get better soon and finding the right aids to face this situation. There are many treatments and aids in the market designed specifically to bring a sense of relief to any of these patients and technology is leaping towards bigger and better solutions for incontinence.

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