How I Met Your Cancer: ‘Avengers’ actress reveals cancer scare

avengers actress reveals cancerCobie Smulders - known for playing Robin Scherbatsky in the sitcom How I Met Your Mother – told Women’s Health Magazine that she survived an ovarian cancer diagnosis when she was 25 years old. The actress, now 33, was then filming the third season that launched her to fame. “I had tumors on both ovaries, and the cancer had spread into my lymph nodes and surrounding tissues,” Smulders said. She endured two years of multiple surgical procedures before she was declared free of cancer. Nevertheless, she admits that the threat of relapse looms ominously overhead, like a Sword of Damocles, or a HIMYM spin-off.

Smulders – full name Jacoba Francisca Maria "Cobie" Smulders-Killam – was born in Vancouver but reached her current celebrity status after being cast on the aforementioned TV show for its nine-season run. From there she has gone on to a role in the Marvel cinematic universe as Maria Hill. Along the way, and although ovarian cancer is more common in women aged 50-60 years old, she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer – which can actually occur at any age. Another risk factor is never having been pregnant, but Smulders can scratch that one out since she has already had two children with husband Taram Killam.

The Canadian actress joins the ranks of celebrities who have opened up about their experiences with cancer – such as Rita Wilson and most notoriously Angelina Jolie – in an effort to raise awareness and stress the importance of early detection and treatment. By looking at their bodies of work – or choice of husbands for that matter – you would have never put Smulders in the same category as Jolie, though you might have been tempted to put them together in any sort of capacity by looking at their bodies, period (judging by the former’s cover for Women’s Health Magazine May issue). But that just comes to show that cancer can affect anyone; regular people as well as A or B-list Hollywood celebrities.

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