How to lose weight this New Year?

Losing weight is always at the top of most people’s New Year resolutions, and as such, it is one the most commonly failed goals. Perhaps the problem is that ‘lose weight’ is way too specific. Instead, maybe you should try a more broad approach, such as the one suggested below, and most of all, avoid easy and quick solutions.
  • Reaching your desired weight doesn’t happen overnight, but it’s the little things along the way that can help you get there faster. For example, eat a fruit for dessert instead of a cookie tomorrow. Or work out a little instead of watching TV tonight. A healthier choice here, another one there, and they start to build up. As they say, a little bit can go a long way.
  • Get out and be out more. You don’t even have to go all Christopher McCandless about it. Simply sitting on a bench in the park or your own backyard count as being in contact with nature; and nature is a great stress reliever, which is perfect for your goal because stress can lead to fat storage. Moreover, being out means not only out of your house, but also out of your car. Driving everywhere is linked to a sedentary life, which is in turn associated with obesity.  
  • Speaking of sedentary, spending too much time in front of a computer, TV, or playing video games is a risk factor for obesity, poor sleeping patterns, and anxiety and depression, especially in children, though adults are not off the hook.

  • And why are good sleeping habits so important for losing weight? As it turns out, sleeping burns fat, lowers stress, enhances the immune system, and improves mood. 
  • When it comes to losing weight, subtraction by addition can really pay off. That is, instead of focusing on getting rid of harmful elements such as sugar or fat, concentrate on making healthy additions, like vegetables and fruits. You’ll see how the latter eventually replace the former.
  • Mindfulness may not be as cool as nirvana, but it can help you lose weight. Mindfulness is defined as a state of active, open attention on the present. When applied to eating habits, it means that you eat sitting down at a table, and that’s all you do, as opposed to eating while driving, watching TV, in front of a computer, &c.
  • Practicing breatharianism is a very counterproductive method for trying to lose weight, but breathing more and better can certainly lower your blood pressure and anxiety.
  • There’s no rule that you have to lose weight like everyone else does. Trying out new things increases your chances of finding something you like and sticking with it. Trying something new doesn’t mean getting caught up in the most recent fad, though. Many of those are not only ineffective but even dangerous. Keep your mind open, however, and you’ll find something that works for you. 

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