How to transform your house into a "country for old men"

country old men

The best way to ensure that you age at home is to furnish it with daily living aid supplies. As you grow old your family may want to move you to a retirement home like Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino. Even though they may actually mean well – and even have a good point; after all, you’re not a spring chicken anymore – you might understandably want to hang on to your independence and freedom for as long as you can. On the other hand, even if you remain mentally fit, your body may have already started to decline. What to do? Your children only want the best for you, so instead of fighting them, just beat them to the punch and modify your home so that it continues to be a safe place for you to live.

Daily living aid supplies can help you get through your day from morning to night as well as get around the house and around the office. Let’s just picture how a normal day would go:

·         You wake up early in the morning and use a bed cane to help you get out of bed.

·         You go to the bathroom and then, well, go to the bathroom. A raised or elevate toilet seat helps you sit on the toilet, while grab bars help you stand up from it. Grab bars can also assist you in getting in and out of the shower or tube, where a non-slip mat can prevent falls.

·         After you’re done with your toilette, it’s time to dress yourself. Button hooks, sock aids, shoe horns, and other dressing aid supplies are available to help you get dressed.

·         Hungry? Eating utensils provide a good grip and are ergonomically designed. Thirsty? There is a great variety, of insulated, spill-proof drinking cups as well.

·         Vision aids and hearing assist devices can allow you to read a good book or listen to some music without problems.

·         All though the day, pill organizers, and medication assistants make sure that you take your meds at the same time each day, and if you have trouble washing those pills down, why, there are pill splitters and tablet crushing machines too.

·         Time to go back to bed to lie on an eco-friendly eggcrate foam matters overlay, while you rest your head on an orthopedic pillow. During the night, you can change positions in bed with a Fixed Offset trapeze bar

You can surprise your children with a fully-equipped home or better yet, ask them to help you install all of these and other supplies – or hire the services of a contractor, if need be.

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