How to: Tub Grab Bar Installation

Let’s say that you’ve got your Chrome Knurled Grab Bars by Invacare Supply Group from Discount Medical Supplies. Now all you have to do is install them. If you’re a regular Tim ‘The Tool Man’ Taylor, you might need help in that endeavor. Here are a few tub grab bar installation tips that can make the task a little bit easier. The very first thing you need to do is find two wall studs that the grab bars can be screwed to.  Wall studs can be found by knocking on the wall above a tile, checking the room on the other side of the wall, or with a stud sensor.
Once you find the studs, you have to locate the stud’s exact outline. This can be done by hammering a finish nail into the drywall or plaster. Make sure you nail it in a spot that is not too visible, and easy to repair afterwards. Place a 1-1/2’’ tape strip to mark the studs, and extend them down to the grab bar location using a level. An ideal placement to install grab bars is at an angle between two studs on the tub’s long back wall. The bar’s bottom should be between 6’’ and 10’’ above the tub’s top. 

The glass and tile bit at the mark nearest to the center of each wall stud is where you want to drill a 1/8’’ hole to confirm the location of the stud. It may take a little guesswork until you hit solid wood, where you can drill the rest of the holes, but any unused hole can be covered by the grab bar’s mounting plate. You can enlarge the holes through the tile with a ¼’’ bit of glass and tile or masonry, and a 5/32’’ bit for drilling into the wood. 
Screw the bar to the wall with No. 10 or 12 stainless steel pan head screws after caulking the back of the flange. Use 2’’ screws to ensure that they go at least 1’’ deep into the wall studs. The last thing you have to do is yank the grab bars a few times to see that they hold. You will get the most out of your tub grab bar installation if you use top quality products such as the one that we mentioned at the beginning of this article.

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