How to use Embrace Glucose Control Solution

embrace glucose

The goal of Embrace Glucose Control Solution is to ensure that the corresponding glucose meter and tests strips will provide accurate results. Control solution testing should be performed on the following occasions:

·         The meter is going to be used for the first time.

·         A new bottle of Embrace No Code Blood Glucose test strips is going to be used.

·         The test strip bottle cap has been left opened for a while.

·         The meter has been dropped.

·         There is suspicion that the meter and/or test strips are providing inaccurate result.

·         The tests do not reflect how the user feels.

·         In order to practice the testing procedure.

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Glucose control solution instructions


·         Embrace control solution (level 1 or 2).

·         Embrace meter.

·         A new Embrace No Code blood glucose test strip.

Step 1

Retrieve a test strip from the test strip bottle and close the bottle presently. Introduce the test strip to turn the meter on.

Step 2

Wait till the blood drop and arrow icons flash on the meter display screen. If the talking feature is on, the meter will say “please apply blood onto the test strip.” Use middle button and arrow up or down to enter L1 control solution testing.

Step 3

‘ctl’ will appear next to the test strip icon and L1 will appear on the screen. Additionally, the meter will say “L1 (or L2) control solution test, please apply control solution onto the test strip.” Should you decide against a control solution test, arrow up or down till ctl disappears from display and press middle button.

Step 4

Place a drop of control solution on a clean, dry, non-absorbent surface. The bottle should not come into direct contact with the test strip. Secure the cap back on the bottle immediately after use.

Step 5

Carefully touch the drop of control solution to the tip of the test strip. The meter will beep to indicate that it has received the control solution.

Step 6

The screen will begin counting down from 6 seconds, after which the control test result will be displayed on the screen.

Step 7

Compare the result on the screen with the level 1 range printed on the test strip bottle or package.

Step 8

Dispose of the test strip in a wastebasket. The meter turns off automatically.

Follow steps 3-8 for level 2 control solution testing and compare result with level 2 range printed on test strip bottle.

If the comparison in step 7 reveals that the control solution testing is either too high or too low, the issue may be caused –and resolved – by the following:



·         Wrong brand of control solution

·         Use Embrace control solution

·         Control solution not at room temperature

·         Ensure that the testing environment is between 50 F and 104 F

·         Control solution has expired or been contaminated

·         Check expiration date and open bottle date on the control solution and test strips. Repeat testing with a new strip. If result remains out of range, retest with a new control solution bottle.

·         Damaged test strip

·         Meter malfunction

·         Call manufacturer


·         Using Embrace glucose control solution with other brands of test strips can yield inaccurate results.

·         Check expiration dates and do not use expired control solution or test strips.

·         Use each strip immediately after taking it from the bottle.

·         Do not use wet or damaged strips.

·         Do not reuse strips.

·         Store control solution at room temperature. Store strips in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight and heat.

·         Dispose of bottle and remaining test strips three months after opening the bottle.

·         Testing results are stored in the meter memory and indicated by the ctl icon.

·         Testing result won’t be used for calculating averages.