How to use a medical suction machine?

You often see them at hospitals when you visit a relative, or even in TV shows set in hospitals, but… Have you ever wondered how to use a medical suction machine? If you are a caregiver or a patient you might be more familiar with these types of devices, since they tend to be common in environments like that, however it is always good to check any guidelines on the usage of this particular item.

Medical suction machines are designed to help remove any fluids or secretions from most body cavities. They are a great aid in patients who were diagnosed with a condition related to mucus secretion on the airways and that constantly need to have them extracted. Their most common use is on the nose and throat which vital airways for anyone not only for breathing but also for talking and eating.
It is always important to check the instructions manual for its assembly and use of each suction machine. Also relevant the constant cleaning and sanitation before each suction procedure.  And always contact your practitioner if you have any further questions in regards to your suction device. Below are basic instructions on how to use a medical suction machine:
Prep: With the machine on a solid and safe surface. Plugged into an electric source and ready to go, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water and then dry them. Place one end of the 4 inch tube on the lid of the fluid collection container and the other end of the tubing to the suction catheter. Check all the tubes ams make sure they are secured and no airways are clogged or too loose. Turn the machine on and check that the suction pressure is the one required.

Application: Put the patient on a position where he or she will be comfortable during the procedure. Place the suction catheter in the patients nose or mouth and then gently push towards the back of the mouth or nose. When done in the mouth, always avoid the gag point, if you reach it, then remove the catheter, give your patient a moment to recuperate from the gag feeling and try again.
Duration: Each suction process should take around 10 seconds, giving time for the patient to recover air or from any discomfort. It is recommended to suction distilled water once you have finish the application  or even between each time to avoid any clogging.
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