How to use a Tens 7000?


If you know how to use any TENS machine, it’s safe to say you know how to use a TENS 7000. A little reminder never hurt anybody, though. You should probably read through once first before actually getting to work. The first thing to know is that a TENS 7000 will not run without a source of power; in this case a 9 volt battery which is included with the unit – though you may also use a rechargeable battery. Open the battery compartment on the back of the device. Take the battery and place it inside the compartment, making sure that the polarities on the battery match those indicated in the compartment. The battery may be removed between uses if the device is not to be used for some time.

The following step involves connecting the lead wires to the electrode pads. The connector pins may be color-coded; if that’s the case just make sure that the colors match the pad connectors: red with red and black with black. Grab the other end of the lead wire and connect the L-shaped plug into one of the sockets on top of the TENS 7000 unit. If you intend to use four electrodes instead of just two, repeat the preceding operation and connect the second pair of electrode pads to the device’s second channel.

Put the unit down for a bit while you prepare the area of your body to be treated. Clean the skin with soap and water and pat it dry. You may apply alcohol with a cotton ball to clear any grease or soap residue. The cleaner the surface the better the electrodes will work. The electrodes will more than likely have a protective film; remove before applying the pads to the skin. Self-adhesive pads will attach to the skin on their own; non-adhesive pads can be held in place with medical tape. In either case, your doctor may recommend you a water-based gel skin preparation to improve conductivity and/or increase adherence. Apply the electrode pads from the center outward, making sure that their entire surface makes full contact with the skin; this will help distribute the electrical current evenly throughout the treatment area.


This brings up the subject of electrode placement; one of the most important parts of knowing how to use a TENS 7000. The bad news is that this is not easy to put into words, and believe you me, I have tried umpteen times. The good news is that someone took the time to devise this helpful electrode placement chart. Now that everything is in place you can go ahead and turn the unit on and turn the channel 1 amplitude knob clockwise till it beeps two times. The intensity control/on-off switch is located on top of the machine in between the lead connectors. The rest of the controls (mode control, set control, increment control, and decrement control) are covered by a lid panel on the front of the unit, under the liquid crystal display.

The mode and length of treatment posit a problem similar to that of electrode placement. There are certain general guidelines depending on where the pain is originated and how it is felt by the patient, but these are far from being written in stone. Therefore, the pulse rate and width and the timer should be set accordingly to what a professional healthcare provider –i.e., personal physician, physical therapist, chiropractor and the like- has prescribed. The TENS 700 does have the advantaged that it can be used at home or at work, it even has belt clip so you can carry it around on you.

Once a treatment session has ended, turn the unit off, remove the electrodes from your skin, and unplug the lead wires from the channel sockets and from the electrode pads. You may leave the electrodes on if the next session will follow shortly; otherwise take them off and, if necessary, wash off any gel from the skin and dry it. Replace the TENS 7000 and its accessories back in their respective containers and store them according to the instruction manual.

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