Important Supplies for Ostomy Wound Management

After your stoma surgery, it is important to monitor the area and protect it from an infection or any other complications. According to Medline, since a stoma is defined as an opening in the abdomen through surgery, you need to know how to prevent infection and keep the eye out for the first signs of any potential problems.
Ostomy wound management involves the right amount of knowledge and specialized tools, including wound care tape.  It is also important to know when is the right time to contact your health care professional. 
Stoma Care Tips
In order to address ostomy wound management, there are some basic steps that you can follow.
Clean the area around the stoma regularly. Wash the area thoroughly and pat it dry, making sure that it is completely dry.
In order to protect the skin around the stoma, utilize well-fitting skin wafers to protect the skin.
Utilize a good cream to provide a barrier. This will be an extra layer of protection.
Each time you change your pouch, check the stoma and make sure there are no irritations.
If a wound does occur, use appropriate dressings and creams.
Keep in mind that a small amount of blood is normal and doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a large problem.
If the wound is too severe, contact your health care professional for further guidance. 

Wound Care Supplies
Ostomy wound management can involve dressings, creams and wound care tape. 
Tape is the ultimate layer in holding dressings in place. 
3M Healthcare 3M Durapore Surgical Tape is a great option for securing dressings. It’s made of a silk-like material that is very comfortable on the skin. The strong adhesion is extremely durable.
Curasilk Cloth Tape by Covidien is a cloth, hypoallergenic tape that’s great for holding dressings in place. It provides extra strength security and works great on sensitive skin. 
Reliamed Silk/Cloth Surgical Tape, Latex Free is hypoallergenic and is great for sensitive skin. It also holds up well to multiple changings.
There are many important supplies involved in Ostomy wound management. These include dressings, creams and wound care tape. These products help to effectively prevent and treat wounds that may occur around the stoma area.
The area must be kept cleaned, dry and protected by skin wafers. You should frequently watch the area for any changes and contact a health care professional as soon as the wound looks infected.