Important wound care treatment supplies for Open Wounds

Open wounds are breaks in the mucous membrane or the surface of the skin that are caused by accidents such as falling or getting cut by pointed objects. Open wounds need to be treated with adequate wound treatment supplies or they can get infected.    
Wound Care Centers note that open wounds can be of many types, depending on the orientation of the wound and the reason because of which it was caused. The common types of open wounds are abrasions, lacerations, incisions, punctures and gunshot wounds.  
Treating Open Wounds
The first and foremost thing to do when treating open wounds is to stop the bleeding by making use of sterile wound treatment supplies. 
eHow suggests that open wounds should be cleaned using water or alcohol to avoid chances of infection.
After the wound has been properly cleaned it should be bandaged after the application of an antiseptic. 
According to Health Care Central open wounds that come under stress need to be stitched together.   
Saline solution can prove to be the most effective wound treatment supplies for cleaning the open wounds as it does not cause irritation to the damaged skin. 

Wound Care Supplies for Open Wounds
The following are some of the wound care supplies that are considered a must have for treating open wounds.  
Invacare Supply Group’s Restore Calcium Alginate Dressings are among the best ones for bandaging open wounds. The absorptive nature of this dressing allows it to soak up the exudate flowing from the wound. 
The Micropore Tape by 3M Healthcare is ideal for wrapping the dressing around the open wound. This wound care tape does not irritate the skin much and has pores present in it that allow for the passage of air. 
Foam dressings can be used for covering the open wounds as well. These dressings keep a moist environment around the wound which facilitates quick healing.  
Open wounds that are in the form of incision or lacerations need to be held together using butterfly enclosures, in addition to a bandage.   
Open wounds need to be taken care of as soon as possible or they might develop an infection. The use of appropriate dressings and bandages can help in preventing any chance of an infection but before their application, it is necessary that the wound is cleaned properly using saline water or alcohol. 

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