Do Incontinence Products Address Incontinence Causes?

Incontinence, whether it is urinary or fecal, is seldom -if ever- a condition in and of itself. More often than not, it is a sign or symptom of an even more serious disorder. Those underlying conditions may be nervous system disorders like Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, or Alzheimer’s disease; as well as strokes, diabetes, and urinary tract infections, among others. As such, many incontinence products deal with the complications resulting from the loss of control over the bladder and bowel, but do little or nothing to address incontinence causes. That doesn’t mean that those products are not essential, though.
Treatments for incontinence include therapy, exercises, lifestyle changes and surgery. Even when those treatments are successful, you won’t see the results overnight. Improvement (and recovery in the case of surgery) always takes time. Meanwhile, you can’t let incontinence disrupt your life and work. That’s where those products we mentioned above come into play. We’re talking about products such as adult protective underwear, or bedpans and urinals, or underpads. The kind of incontinence products you can find at Discount Medical Supplies at very low prices. 

The very mention of such products may make you recoil in disgust and shame. That would be an erroneous response, though. Adult undergarment, for instance, is currently designed to account not only for functionality, but also for practicality and comfort. If you’re worried about bulky adult briefs and diapers that scream incontinence everywhere you go, then know that that’s a thing of the past. When you wear Simplicity adult briefs, Dignity beltless undergarments, Invacare protective underwear, or Poise pantiliners, only you will know about it. The same goes for pads, underpads, and mattress protectors. Absorbency and protection do not sacrifice comfort and style.
If by any chance you happen to be a caregiver instead on an incontinence patient, and actually have such a patient under your care, this may be useful for you too. Part of the care you provide is to explain to your patient that, like we said before, the type of treatment that focuses on incontinence causes is a process that occurs over a certain period. In the meantime, you can assure them that there is nothing wrong with using incontinence products like Medline bariatric durafit bedpans, or plastic urinals by Invacare Supply Group.