Incontinence Products for Every Occasion

Incontinence is a difficult condition to deal with not only for the individual but for the caregiver as well.  There are many supplies out in the market that will avoid or diminish accidents.  Depending on the type of incontinence and how severe it is, incontinence supplies such as disposable briefs, underwear, pads and more will be constantly needed. 

Discount Medical Supplies provides you with a few guidelines that will give you a better idea and help you choose the right disposable incontinence product type that you need:

Adult briefs

Adult briefs can be worn by patients who are bedridden and under a caregiver´s watch. These types of patient are difficult to handle, turn or position due to their condition. Aggressive and combative patients are also candidates for the use of these types of adult briefs as well as those who suffer from frequent loose or watery stools.

Guards & Pant Liners

Adult Pads, Guards & Pant Liners target people who are able to walk.  These types of people are also able to wear underwear and use the toilet without any assistance.  The caregiving for people who use these incontinence supplies usually consists of only one person.

Adult Protective Underwear

Incontinence is a condition that can also happen to someone who is active. An active person with incontinence will want to try the Adult Protective Underwear. For patients who are restless or disoriented and have a hard time settling down they come in very handy as well.

Adult Pads

Adult Pads can be used by people who suffer from a light to moderate urinary incontinence condition.  These are people that are in full capacity of changing the pads by themselves.  Pads feature an adhesive strip that enforces the stability on to the underwear.

Adult Belted Undergarments

Those who suffer from moderate incontinence can make good use of the Adult Belted Undergarments.  These are held in place using an elastic belt and buttons that allow the patient to move freely as they are quiet and discreet.  In some cases the straps may be purchased separately.

Bed Pads & Underpads

When an individual is incontinent, bed pads and underpads can be of great use to protect mattresses and furniture from any accidents.  Sometimes it is better to use them even if the patient is wearing a garment to be secure.  They are perfect for everyday use.


By pulling away the humidity caused by incontinence from the patient’s skin, dry pads are a great solution put on a standard mattress or an air-support therapy mattress.  They will not only bring wellness to the patient but at the same time provide protection to the mattress as well.