Incontinence Products for Men

Incontinence can be an embarrassing and problematic issue, but it need not be. With the right incontinence products, men who suffer from incontinence can feel clean, secure and confident. They can also remain discrete if they want to. While incontinence can be a serious healthcare issue, there are many incontinence products to choose from the comfort of one’s home. 
Causes of Incontinence
According to WebMD, there are several different causes of incontinence. 
These include:
Urine can leak unexpectedly if the bladder contracts at the wrong time or too hard.
Weakened or damaged muscles around the urethra can cause urine to leak out as well.
If the bladder doesn’t fully empty when urinating, it can leave too much urine in the bladder. This can also cause unexpected leaking.
A blocked urethra can cause urine to build up which can lead to leaking.

Incontinence Products for Every Situation
No matter what the cause of your incontinence or your particular healthcare needs, there are plenty of products to choose from.
Disposable Pant liners by Invacare Supply Group are highly absorbent liners that can handle a variety of leaks. Not only do they effectively protect clothing but bed linens as well. A durable adhesive strip holds the liner securely in place.
TENA Underpads by Invacare Supply Group are for those worried about nighttime security or the durability of their furniture. These pads not only protect linens and furniture but are useful when individuals need to be re-positioned. They can absorb leaks, maintain dryness and reduce odors. The quilted material gives these pads superior absorbency capabilities. The soft liner is comfortable against the skin.
The Principle Business Ent. Adjustable Belted Undergarment is the perfect solution when your need moderate protection. This belted undergarment is the perfect replacement for traditional underwear. The waist straps are adjustable so you can always get the best, and often, most comfortable fit. A wetness indicator will help keep you fresh and dry.
Male incontinence is something that millions of men experience annually around the globe. While it can seem that you are alone and there’s nothing that can help you with your problem, this may not be true! Incontinence products are all that you need to fight this situation. 
No matter the cause or kind of incontinence you may experience, you can rest assured there’s a product out there for you. If you have trouble choosing, don’t hesitate to reach out to a healthcare professional. 

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