Incontinence Products: Pads, Diapers or Pull-ups?

Incontinence products

The first questions that people ask when shopping for Incontinence products are: What are the differences between Pads, Adult diapers and Pull-ups? What is the product that I need?

The loss of bladder control can be an embarrassing problem that is not talked about out in the open too much. People who are suffering from this condition can experience it in different ranges of severity. A light level of incontinence will have you experiencing occasional urine leaks when you cough, sneeze or have a sudden movement. Much more heavy levels of incontinence will have people feel an overbearing urge to go to the bathroom and not make it on time. These items normally come in different types, depending of absorbency capacity, size and gender.

If you are diagnosed with urinary incontinence, the very first thing that will be noticeable is the level of incontinence that you might be experiencing. Light incontinence problems can be properly addressed with the use of Incontinence pads, also known as incontinence guards and liners. These types of Incontinence products secure themselves to the underwear with the use of adhesive strips. They are very subtle and provide light protection. They are available for both men and women. And they provide protection from light discharges.

A step above the regular Incontinence pads, there are the belted shields or what are normally called undergarments or belted shields. They represent a middle ground between pads and protective underwear. They provide more protection than pads, but remain to have a low profile for discretion.  

For more considerable incontinence severity issues there are alternatives like the protective underwear, also known as pull-ups and reusable underwear. These types of items provide more range of protection for difference intensities on incontinence. They have different levels of absorbance to choose from and additional odor control. Their designs are made to help prevent leaks and provide full coverage. They are made to be discreet and remain to have a low profile.

For heavy incontinence problems the best alternatives are Adult diapers or Disposable briefs are the perfect answer as they are made and built to be highly absorbent and extended wear time. They are designed to withstand heavy incontinence with the highest levels of absorbency. These adult diapers are also made for people with limited mobility or those who are bedridden.

Incontinence products on the market have a wide variety of options for you to choose from, depending on your specific needs. Also please be advised that they range in different costs. We here at Discount Medical Supplies have a vast selection of these products, so you can safely order them privately from the comfort of your own home.