Incontinence Treatment Alternatives for Bowel Incontinence

Bowel incontinence, also known as fecal incontinence, is characterized by involuntary defecation, from liquid stool to solid feces.  Incontinence treatment for this condition includes medications, diet changes, exercise, therapy, and surgery. The type of medication prescribed depends on the cause of bowel incontinence, and often involves anti-diarrheal drugs, laxatives (if the cause is chronic constipation), and drugs to reduce spontaneous motion of the bowel. As part of changes in diet, patients may be advised to drink plenty of fluids and eat food rich in fiber, once again if constipation is the source of the problem. If diarrhea is to blame, then high fibered food can make stools bulkier.
The root of fecal incontinence may lie in muscle damage, in which case exercises along with other therapies are recommended. Simple exercises known as biofeedback strengthen anal and pelvic floor muscles. A well trained bowel can contract on command to impede stool release. Speaking of bowel training, patients may be requested to make a conscious effort to pass feces at a set time each day. Moreover, a device may be implanted to send electrical impulses to the sacral nerves that control rectal and sphincter muscles’ sensation and strength.

If exercise and therapies fail, it may due to an underlying condition like rectal prolapse or sphincter damage. A damaged sphincter may be strengthened and tightened with a sphincteroplasty. Surgical correction of rectal prolapse, a rectocele or hemorrhoids can also be an effective bowel incontinence treatment. The sphincter can not only be repaired to tone its muscles, but it can also be downright replaced. An inflatable artificial sphincter is implanted around the anal canal. All you have to do is deflated with an external pump to release stool. 
Afterwards the device automatically reinflates to shut the sphincter until the next time you go to the bathroom. The last resort in terms of surgery would be a colostomy. This procedure redirects stool through a opening in the abdomen and into a special bag.
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