The Incredible Bulk: Wholesale Medical Supplies

Wholesale medical supplies

Buying in bulk is a tenet of cost-efficient shopping, and that includes wholesale medical supplies. However, as many a rule this one does have exceptions. For instance, shopping wholesale is not for everybody. More often than not, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, doctors’ practices, and other medical facilities benefit more from buying in bulk than single individuals do. There are occasions in which a one or two persons can make the most of buying medical supplies in bulk, though. Those cases usually apply to incontinent or diabetic patients – to name but a couple – that do require a steady supply of diapers and syringes, respectively.

Though the entire concept of wholesale medical supplies might seem to hinge on quantity rather than on quality, both concepts are not mutually exclusive – at least not at Discount Medical Supplies. Here you can buy a single syringe for 22 cents or a case of 500 for $131.14 and expect the same high level of quality in both presentations. The same can be said of needles, which are available in boxes of 100 units. It is no coincidence that we’re using syringes and needles as examples. When it comes to these types of medical supplies, price takes a backseat to safety. It is extremely important to keep new, fresh, and clean syringes and needles handy in order to avoid infection and contamination.

More to the point, DMS offers customer who register with our store the opportunity to take advantage of tiered and wholesale pricing on all products. This is wholesale medical supplies and then some. Enjoy the chance for healthcare practitioners, medical facilities, and caregivers to make their monthly purchases and save with special prices. By way of comparison, if you placed an order for two (or three, or four) units of a specific product, you would get a better price than ordering a single unit. The savings you can make are in direct proportion with the number of items that you order. As those PSAs go, “the more you know…” and in this case, “the more you buy…”

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