Inner Peace: Balancing Body and Spiritual Health

It is an undeniable truth; the body’s corporal health is directly related to one’s spiritual balance. Now, I am not talking about whether you are religious or not. I am referring to that center of your core that harbors your feelings, your outlook in life, but ultimately where you are able to find inner peace. Your spiritual balance. In you are a person who is at peace with yourself attaining a balanced way of life can be yours.

The reason being is very simple. If you have a balanced spiritual life, you will be able to deal with the many circumstances in life that comes your way, and your health and ailments fall into this category. There is a connection between the body, the mind and the spirit. Having a good relation between the three can be crucial to achieve balance in our lives.

It has been proven that positive thoughts and beliefs like the consolation and might provided by meditation and praying can supply a sense of well being and thus promote healing. Improving our spiritual health may not cure a particular disease, but undeniably it may contribute to the way that you feel, the way you face life and its problems, and it will also allow you to cope with life and death.

Physical health has to do with our body. To have a full and rich life, we have to take care of our body the best way possible. We must pursue this by taking care of our nutrition, keeping our body clean and clear of toxins as much as possible.

Mental health refers to the way in which we handle our daily lives and the way in which we relate to others in different environments, for example: in family life, school, work, recreational activities, and in our community. It also has to do with the way that we leverage our wishes, desires, skills, ideals, feelings and values.

Emotional Health is the responsible management of the feelings, thoughts, and behaviors; recognizing them, giving them a name, accepting them, integrating them and taking advantage of the vital energy that is generated by them, at the service of these values. Emotionally healthy people control their feelings in an assertive way and they often feel good about themselves, they have good personal relationships and have learned ways to cope with stress and to the problems of everyday life.

Spirituality is almost impossible to define, because it means something different for each person. For some its religion; for others, spirituality is based on the harmony that feel with nature or the belief that there is a greater power/universal energy/creative source, etc. Spiritual health involves the reflection of our beliefs. What matters are not our spiritual elections, but we are living according to our beliefs and convictions.

By having a connection between these four aspects, our being will be whole and waves of positive energy will drive us to a path of wellness. A path that will fill us with inner peace.

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