Insulin Pump and a normal healthy life

Insulin pump

When first diagnosed with diabetes, patients often wonder whether they can have an insulin pump and a normal healthy life. Though this line of inquiry is expected and understandable, it probably results from a subjective perspective as opposed to logical reasoning. It may be more to the point to ask whether you can a normal healthy life without an insulin pump. After all, this type of device is not only more effective than insulin injections, but simply a lot more convenient -especially for people who are afraid of needles.

Take for instance the Minimed Paradigm Revel Insulin Pump. Not only does this product act as a means of delivering timely and accurate doses of insulin, but it can also help monitor blood glucose levels all day long and even predict highs and lows by adding a transmitter and glucose sensor to the pump.

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Moreover, it comes with a screen that displays updated information on your blood glucose levels so that you can plan and go about your daily life an at the same time be prepared for changes in activity levels, stress, illness, or other events. Other specifications include:

·         Holding space for up to 300 insulin units

·         Programmable predictive alerts

·         Real-time trend graphs

·         Bolus Wizard Calculator

·         Multiple basal delivery rates as low as 0.025 u/hr

·         Missed meal bolus reminder

 In addition to all of those practical features, this insulin pump is portable and lightweight, measuring 2.0" x 3.0" x 0.8" and weighing only 108 grams -full cartridge included. Furthermore, it resembles a cell phone in size, and comes in fun colors such as blue, clear, pink, purple, and smoke. You could conspicuously wear this or other insulin pumps and still look like a beauty queen. Unless of course you’re a man, but aside from that small caveat, there is no exaggeration whatsoever in that affirmation. Hear me now and believe me later.

And if you don’t believe me, then take it from newly-crowned Miss Idaho Sierra Sandison. Inspired by women like Miss America 1999 Nicole Janson and to a lesser extent Bethany Townsend, Miss Sandison decided that the perfect accessory for her swimsuit presentation would be her insulin pump. If you’ve ever seen a woman at the beach with a cell phone held in place by the strap of the bottom part of her bikini -and been oddly attracted by the effect that it produces- you’ll be able to see past the pump and easily understand why she won the contents. Not only is she beautiful but she has a mind and a heart to go with that body. As you can see, an insulin pump and a normal healthy life are not mutually exclusive; what’s more, you can even strive for an extraordinary life and not just a normal one.