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Different and new insulin application methods are becoming more available each day but it remains important to keep insulin syringes at hand to play it safe. It is very easy to find insulin syringes online as it is easy to find other tools for the diabetes community.

Hopefully not but in the event that something could happen to the pump or the insulin pen it is good to always have a backup plan ready. Until recently with all the innovative inventions for the diabetes population, insulin syringes have always been the go to insulin application tool and still today a big part of that population prefers to use them instead of a pen or pump even if those two other options are created to simplify the PWD’s life (PWD=person with diabetes).


Insulin syringes are designed to be less painful and less invasive than the regular syringe which is good since a person with diabetes in need of injecting insulin will inject himself or herself every day. Very small needles that are hardly felt sometimes are designed for the patient’s comfort. Among these “user friendly” features are:

  • Short needles.
  • Thin gauge needles.
  • Limited dead space between the syringe hub and the needle.
  • Simple insulin unit markings.

These medical tools like any other can be found and bought online. Large medical superstores offer them in bulk or individually, however since they are so small, inexpensive, disposable and needed for daily use it might be best to buy them by the box.

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