An introduction to CareTec II TENS/EMS

The CareTec II TENS/EMS is a multifunction combo device that provides state-of-the-art electrotherapy in the form of both electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS). This unit has three main modes of operation, which can be used separately or conjointly. These three functions are pain relief by way of sensory nerve stimulation (TENS), muscle growth and function through motor nerve stimulation (EMS), and a massage effect. The machine accomplishes these goals with the aid of two independent stimulation channels, and two sets of two electrode pads each. It also features a wide range of settings design to provide general wellbeing, relieve pain, preserve fitness, improve relaxation, reenergize muscles, and repel fatigue.
These settings can be arranged according to preset programs, or can be personalized by the user to better suit their needs and wants. The CareTec is not only a pain-relieving device that can help in the treatment of injury and overexertion as well as chronic and acute pain. This unit can also fulfill aesthetic purposes, such as body toning, shaping, beauty and relaxation. In addition, the CareTec II is so adaptable that it can take part in each phase of training and recovery, thanks to its diverse EMS and TENS properties, allowing users to experience versatility not commonly found in such a lightweight, handheld device.

All of the above makes this product is the perfect solution for increasing muscle strength, improving motion range, preventing muscle atrophy and enhancing circulation. The two types of electrotherapy are delivered into the body through separate dual channels; however you can choose to use only one with two electrodes, or both with four electrodes. The Care Tec II TENS/EMS has been tested clinically for optimal programming. Users love its smooth design and are thrilled by the fact that it is so easy to program, operate, and transport. The Care Tec II TENS/EMS unit includes a nine volt battery, AC plug-in adapter, four electrodes, a belt clip, and a protective carrying case with a built-in handle.
The CareTec II also comes with a LCD screen where input and output information is easily viewed. It also contains an instruction booklet which users should read in its entirety, paying special attention to cautions and warnings. Furthermore, users should consult a doctor about the viability of using TENS and/or EMS technology for their individual circumstances, in order to ensure their safety. 

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