Roscoe Medical’s Clinical Setting Professional Devices

Discount Medical Supplies is your source for all the different medical supply needs you might have. Now we will like to bring you a quick introduction for professional devices for clinical setting and for professional clinician use.

The first of these Clinical Devices is the Quattro II. This device is designed for both portable and clinical use. It provides a very complete range of electrotherapy and operates with four different channels delivering very complete, detailed and advanced coverage. It is very versatile as it can provide EMS, TENS, IF 2-pole, IF 4-pole and Russian waveform formats. Each of them has 10 different presets to choose from, totaling for 50 presets in total. Plus, it allows you to select your own settings and protocols for every waveform on the device.

The Quatro II boasts a great looking design, with a easy to read LCD display. It includes eight electrodes, eight with sponges, eight straps and four sets of lead wires.

The next Clinical Device listed is the Sound Care Plus Unit. This professional ultrasound unit, that stands out from the rest of the units in the market because it includes two separate sound heads. One 5cm sound head for broader areas of the body, and a smaller 1 cm sound head for more precision and smaller areas. The Clinician can switch between using one or the other by pressing a single button. Both sound heads have the same capabilities as any other Ultrasound device. Each unit comes with 20 different presets and also has the capability of operating in 1MHz and 3MHz frequencies.


Like the aforementioned Quatro II, the Sound Care Plus Unit, has a great professional looking design. It also has a LCD display that is large and easy to read.

For a clinical device that can provide both electrotherapy and ultrasound, the ComboCare is the best option. All the benefits of electrotherapy (like TENS, EMS, Russian, IF 4-pole, and IF 2-pole) with all the benefits of Ultrasound meet in this machine.  The ComboCare’s electrotherapy functions have two separate channels, and like the Quattro II, each waveform format has 10 presets each (50 in total), with the capability of the user’s own personal presets to be selected and stored. The Ultrasound functions for the ComboCare are of 20 presets operating in 1MHz and 3Mhz frequencies.

The design of the combo care is like the other designs can be used in the clinic and it can be taken to a patient on a house call. It also has a easy to use panel with a clear LCD display. It includes eight total electrodes, two sets of rubber electrodes with sponges, two set of lead wires, two elastic straps, electrode wire for ultrasound combination and a 5cm ultrasound head.

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