Invacare Transfer Benches Catalog

Transfer benches are devices that help ill and disabled people to get in and out of bathtubs and showers. Invacare benches allow people to make these transfers safely and comfortably. They are made with rust-resistant anodized aluminum frames, supporting arm rails, and non-marring rubber tips. The Invacare transfer benches catalog includes products such as the Invacare CareGuard Tool-less Transfer Bench, the Invacare Class Heavy-Duty Transfer Bench, and the Invacare Vinyl Padded Transfer Bench.
The Invacare CareGuard Tool-less Transfer Bench (available at Discount Medical Supplies)features a compact design, a three-piece blow-molded seat with suction cups, a textured seat with drain holes and a hand hole in the seat back for easy transport, half-inch increments and adjustments, and doesn’t require tools to assemble. The InvacareClass Heavy-Duty Transfer Bench has a sturdy, resistant one-piece blow-molded seat, a textured seat with drain holes, an ergonomic shape, a reversible backrest that easily snaps in and out, and a built-in soap dish and handheld shower holder. The Invacare Vinyl Padded Transfer Bench, which you can also find at Discount Medical Supplies, is comfortably padded with open-cell foam.

These transfer benches may come unassembled or partially assembled. Discount Medical Supplies has similar Invacare products available, including I-Class Blow-Molded Transfer Benches, the GRAND Line Heavy Duty Transfer Bench, the Bariatric Transfer Bench, the Padded Transfer Bench with Suction Feet, the Blow Molded Transfer Bench, and the Universal Transfer Bench. A typical transfer bench is made up of a backrest, long seat, and four legs. The user sits on the part of the bench that’s outside of the tub or shower, and moves over to the part of the bench that’s inside, lifting one leg over the bathtub wall (if it’s a tub) and then the other. The legs of the transfer bench may have suction cups so that it remains in place while on a slippery surface.
There are also rolling, or sliding transfer benches, in which the user slides from the outside to the inside, reducing friction and easing the transfer for more dependent patients. Generally speaking though, transfer benches can be modified and customized to fit the personal needs of each individual user. Still, Invacare transfer benches are without a doubt the best choice for both patients and their respective caregivers.