Jennifer Aniston dyslexic is

dislexic jennifer aniston

The former Mrs. Pitt told The Hollywood Reporter that she battled with dyslexia as she was growing up. And hopefully after that as well, as that may explain her choice of roles, including Friends, Bruce Almighty, Rumor Hast It, The Break-Up, Marley & Me, The Bounty Hunter, Just Go With It, Horrible Bosses (plus the sequel), and pretty much all of her filmography – except Office Space – up to but excluding Cake. “I thought I wasn’t smart,” Aniston said. “I just couldn’t retain anything.” The actress was only diagnosed with dyslexia in her early 20s, but the signs were there before.

For example, in the midst of an eye exam, “they gave me a quiz, gave me 10 questions based on what I’d just read, and I think I got three right," she recalled. "Then they put a computer on my eyes, showing where my eyes went when I read. My eyes would jump four words and go back two words, and I also had a little bit of a lazy eye, like a crossed eye, which they always have to correct in photos.” She felt that the diagnosis tied many loose ends. “Now, I had this great discovery. I felt like all of my childhood trauma-dies, tragedies, dramas were explained.” She also credits the condition for her current command of her life. “"I like to be in charge of everything,” she said. “My life was so out of control growing up, it’s very important today for it to be in control.”

The actress is currently in a relationship with actor Justin Theroux who, though not as well-known as Brad Pitt, has an eclectic filmography of his own, including American Psycho, Zoolander, Tropic Thunder, and David Lynch’s Mulholland Dr. and Inland Empire. Hopefully, this announcement is legitimate – unlike Jerry Seinfeld saying he was in the autistic spectrum – as it will give dyslexic people hope that they can achieve great things and be recognized by their peers.