Jim Kelly: His valiant fight against cancer

“I’m not scared” says  NFL Hall of Fame Quaterback Jim Kelly. A kind spirited, well humored man, Kelly has been sustaining a courageous fight against cancer that has been public for the past thirteen months. Back in June 2013, Kelly announced to the world that he was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma, also known as SCC, one of the major forms of skin cancer, but this type of cancer can also affect the digestive tract, the lungs and other areas of the body.  In Kelly’s case the cancer affected his upper jaw.

For the most part of 2013, Kelly lead a tough battle against cancer, spawning a massive support from Football fans from all over the league and from many people outside of Football. The former Buffalo Bill’s star player had lost 51 pounds while fighting the disease and making it recede, however he has recently admitted that the cancer had returned and was showing signs of being agreesive and starting to spread. But instead of seeing this as a tragedy, Kelly and his family have dealt graciously and, above all, bravely with the disease.

The Kelly family is not stranger to hardship and tragedy, Hunter Kelly, his son with wife Jill, passed away in 2005 of Krabbe disease. This rare condition, when diagnosed had stated that little hunter would not be able to walk, or even talk, doctors had told Jim and his wife that they didn’t expect him to live more than a couple of months. Proving that toughness was in his DNA, Hunter lived to be 8. His experience as a father of a child with Krabbedisease, changed Jim forever. After Hunter passed away he and his wife dedicated their life to raise awareness and form the foundation Hunter’s Hope.

“I’ve never been scared of dying,” said Kelly to reporters on a recent interview during a surprise visit to his annual football camp for children in Rochester, NY. “If it’s my turn – so what? I’ll be going to see my son a little earlier that I thought I was going to.”

When he and his family decided to go public with the news of his disease, at first he was hesitant of divulging so critical and personal information to the general public, but his intentions are more altruistic than anything else. Accepting that he is a public figure and he was granted with a position of celebrity in the collective conscience, Kelly is using his celebrity to educate, raise awareness and ultimately inspire people from all sexes, ages, races possible who might be dealing with the same situation.

With the help of his daughter and wife, and social media outlets, Kelly has expressed communicated with his fans and followers of the progress of the treatment. Always offering a smile and a message of perseverance and hope. Currently Kelly is still awaiting the results of his exams and find out if he is cancer free or if he will need to continue fighting Cancer. A fight that has taken its toll on his body already, but in no way, shape or form has diminished or broken his spirit.

When he was a player, Kelly was always admired for being one of the toughest players that ever set foot on the gridiron. Teammates and rivals sing praises of “Kelly Tough” during his playing days, but it wasn’t until recently, that Jim Kelly has redefined and truly shown the true and most power toughness. That same toughness, that continues to inspire thousands with his heroic fight against adversity.

Discount Medical Supplies applaud Kelly’s spirit and inspiring tale of perseverance. We join the campaigns #prayersforJK and #KellyTough in support to the great Jim Kelly.

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