I’m kicking my Soda addiction (…for real this time)

When I first heard of the term “Soda addiction”, I didn’t thought too much of it, but after realizing that my soda drinking habits could kill me I decided to take action.

Ever since I was a little boy and had my first taste of Soda, I was hooked. What can I tell you? I could be writing how awful it was and whatnot, and how I didn’t enjoy it, but it would be a complete lie. I loved it, loved the taste, loved how refreshing it was, and that’s the God honest truth. Ever since then it has been with me. My love affair of Soda went on past my childhood years, all through my teenage years, college and now it has reached my adult life. I have been always well aware that it was not good for me, I know about diabetes, and other effects that my habits could produce, but still drank and enjoyed it… until very recently. I decided that enough is enough and that I should take better care of myself. Here’s my plan to kick the habit. May God help me.

First and foremost, I only drink one kind of Soda and for possible legal reasons, I wont disclose the brand, so have that and a smile (wink wink). I used to drink one 600ml bottle every day, some times even two, depending of the day. Mostly I took it during my lunch or at night, after dinner.

How I came to this decision

Last week I was reading on diabetes and researching for a possible article, and I stumbled some blog post that unfortunately I didn’t bookmark and (can’t seem to find now) where the writer mentioned that she lost a dear friend at a young age because he drank so much soft drinks and eventually got Diabetes, went untreated and passed away. The blog post didn’t delve a lot on this story, but I don’t know… it lingered on. Later, during lunch when I was ordering my food, I could not bring myself of asking for my usual Soda bottle. I just ate a salad, and lemonade, and sat there reflecting of what I was feeling.

That same night I got to my apartment and when I opened my fridge, there it was a half empty bottle of cold Soda, waiting for me. For the first time in my life, it didn’t look appealing. In a symbolic act, which should have been scored with a cool life-affirming soundtrack, I took the big bottle out the fridge and poured its contents down the sink. All of it… yes, a couple of minutes later I was kicking myself for not having at least one final glass, but I was at a point of no return: I am kicking my Soda addiction, and this time I mean it!

Hard facts

One thing is to drink a Soda every now and then, and the other is to do so every single day, and not be able to drink something different. If you are like me, drinking at least one soda a day doesn’t sound too extreme. But according to multiple studies and different doctors and physicians, this can place you very much at risk of becoming suffering from different health issues.

The calories in soft drinks and sodas are from added sugar, and your body doesn’t get any benefit from them. No minerals, vitamins, or even carbohydrates. Furthermore, the intake of these added sugars are linked to tooth decay, obesity, diabetes, and in the long run they can do a lot of harm to your bones. Diet soda, is a myth. While they may not have calories, they are just sugar free. They will not help you lose weight and in all reality, just because they have the word “diet” on the label, it doesn’t mean that they are healthier.

Recent studies have uncovered the possibility that diet soft drinks could be linked to heart disease and depression in women.

Not my first try

Many times in my life I have found myself looking at my gut in the mirror and thought. I should go on a diet and get in shape. But, after a cheeseburger, fries and a Large Soda, I forgot all about it. That has happened many times already. There have been occasions where I have said out loud that I should cut back on my Soda addiction (let’s call it what it is), and have done nothing about it. This time I am putting my money where my mouth is, and I am putting this out there, to really put pressure on myself. 

I am currently on day four, and yes, I have had cravings for Soda, but

Here’s my action plan

1.      I know that my attraction to Soda is because I enjoy it. I love the taste, and that is no secret. I also love (in no particular order) orange juice, ice tea, strawberry and watermelon juice, cool water, grape juice, and several other types of drinks. Why not try those?

2.      Many times, when I’m thirsty, at home or at work I would crave a Soda. Whenever I’ll feel a crave, I’ll drink a glass of water first. If I am really thirsty, it will quench my thirsts, and if it’s a craving at least I will be able to be aware of it and try my damned best to fight it.

3.      I will not switch to diet soda or zero calories, they are the exact same.

4.      I will not wean myself slowly. I respect those who attempt to go this route, I really do, and by no means I am saying it doesn’t work. Is just that I know myself, and I know how I am. For me it’s better cold turkey.

5.      I will weigh myself periodically. While I might not hit the gym just jet. I want to truly experience the shift of how my life changes without soft drinks. Now, I do not consider myself overweight, but I am not satisfied with my belly and my love handles. In case you are wondering as of the time of this article was written I am 34 years old and weigh 169lbs. To give you a frame of reference, back in college I used to weigh 130lbs.

How long I plan to do this?

As much as I can. For this article, and a possible future one, I will try to take it one step at a time. I am setting easy and achievable goals. First a week, then a month, and then as much as I can manage it. Ideally, I wish I could just stop and never have another drop, but if I reach a point where I drink just half a glass rarely, on odd occasions and not fall down the rabbit hole, I’ll be happy.

Wish me luck! I’ll report back in a month.

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