Life after a Mastectomy


A Mastectomy is a surgical procedure where doctors perform the removal of one or even both breasts. Usually this procedure includes the removal of the entire breast and in many cases the nipple and lymph nodes. This procedure can be traumatic and it represents losing a part of womanhood, but the shock that comes with this surgical procedure, can be dealt with, and life after a mastectomy is very much possible.

There are many different reactions to a mastectomy from breast cancer survivors, some women accept the changes well and focus on their health. Having faced mortality, they put life in perspective. However, some women feel ugly or deformed, and worry they won't be attractive any more. Learning to adapt to the change on their bodies is the immediate first step for them. Relying on therapy and several different methods of learning how to deal with the results of the operation helps to deal with the emotional and psychological effects of the procedure. To adapt physically to the operation there are mammary compressions that can be used in postop scenarios.

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Like stated above, some women might have some changes in their libido, after a mastectomy their femininity and sexuality can be impacted in an unfavorable way. Some women experience vaginal dryness and hot flushes. Women who are going through these situations are encouraged to talk to their partners and try to solve the matter together. Additionally, vaginal moisturizers and lubricants can come in as saviors in the relationship and as great aids to their sex life by improving their sexual health dramatically and even help the patients with their self-esteem issues.

Another thing that should be pointed out is that women heal and experience recuperating from a Mastectomy different. The healing process after the procedure can last up to several months. The aforementioned changes will not happen over night but they might manifest with time for a year and beyond. Approaching life after a Mastectomy is a very individual and personal process that on which women need to make a decision for themselves on how will they lead their lives, should they decide to remain breast-free or will they consider getting a reconstruction. It is highly advisable that women who are about to get a Mastectomy to speak to their doctors of their possibilities after the procedure is done. A rich fulfilling life after a Mastectomy is perfectly achievable and viable for most women.

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