On-Air Mammogram Finds Cancer

Cynics would say that featuring a mammogram on a television morning show is nothing but a ploy to boost ratings, and they would be right at least to a certain extent, but the fact remains that if ABC’s Good Morning America anchor Amy Robach hadn’t been persuaded to undergo a televised breast exam, her cancer would have never been detected on time. Robach herself admitted that she’d been putting off her doctor’s recommendation to get a mammogram for over a year, and had it not been for the gentle coercion of her colleagues, she would have continued delaying the decision.
The show’s producers suggested the idea to Robach, perhaps with the aforementioned ratings in mind, but it was fellow anchorwoman Robin Robert’s encouragement that sealed the deal. Roberts has been battling breast cancer since 2007, and last year she was diagnosed with a rare disease called myelodysplatic syndromes. Roberts was absent from the show for 6 months after a bone marrow transplant.
Robach is 40 years old and not only had never had a mammogram, but had actually consciously avoided one. She took the opportunity to get around to finally doing it for herself, as well as to encourage others who have been procrastinating. Robach stated that the exam didn’t hurt nearly as much as she had expected, and while that is absolutely true, the real motivation for viewers should be the fact that evidence of cancer was found. Though cancer in general is bad news, it’s great news for her that it was spotted early.