Massage Supplies for Personal Use

The massage supplies catalog at Discount Medical Supplies is complete with what you need for your spa or your personal use at home. Some of the options in massage products that we offer are electrical massagers, manual tools, massage tables and massage lotions and creams. 
Portable massage supplies that are portable such as the electrical massagers and the manual tools are very popular. Some of these products can be used at home, in the office or pretty much on-the-go. The Heated Body-Flex Massager for example generates powerful vibrations for a relaxing or reviving massage. It comes with five massaging surface that include large head  and concentrator knob and in addition to those there are also three textured surfaces giving the user several options to chose from. 
Another popular product in our massage supplies section is the Body Drummer. This product has a vibrating function that can either be used warm or cold. These two options of treatment targets muscle pain, tired muscles and promotes relaxation. Our customers use it a lot for their back, neck, shoulders, arms and legs.  Among many massage products the Body Drummer is a top pick due to the benefits that it has proven to deliver. Plus the fact that it is ergonomic and curved it allow hard to reach areas to be reached and massaged. 

Manual massage supplies also come in handy anywhere you go. Some of the manual massagers available at Discount Medical Supplies are: The Omni Mini Roller, the Dr. Archy Foot Massager, the Knuckle Massager, the Dr. Necky Neck Massager and many more. Again, these products can also be used at the office, at home or while travelling. 
Professional massage therapists can find great options in massage tables and/or accessories for them such as table warmers. We have a variety of massage tables available at the lowest prices and made out of durable materials. 
If you need any extra information don’t hesitate to give us a call or locate our catalog for all the massage supplies available at Discount Medical Supplies. 

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