Top 5 Medical Applications: Apps that Save Lives

Smart phone and mobile technology can go both ways.  Some apps created for these devices can be completely irrational and illusive and they are apps that you should never use for anything. Others however can be great solutions to carry around so it will not do you any harm downloading them to your mobile device as they can really come in handy at times.

Summer is here and along with the sun, the sand and the surf it will unfortunately bring accidents as well.  Whether it is for extreme heat, like the current heat wave hitting the US, or cuts and bruises from a great surfing session the summer will give path to emergencies and it is always best to be prepared.

The following smart phone and mobile apps are just 5 of many apps that can help you take decisions and follow procedures on first aid situations in case they happen:

1. Pocket First Aid & CPR

You never know when you will have to save a loved one's life by performing CPR.  The Pocket First Aid and CPR app that was redesigned a short time ago and now includes guidelines as to how to perform CPR and other cardiovascular care facts that are important to know in emergencies. With clear and straight to the point instructions, the app will explain how to perform CPR on an infant, a toddler, or an adult. It also brings videos and HD images images that will help you understand better. Users of iOS and Android will be able to get this app for $1.99

2. First Aid by American Red Cross

Having a First Aid App that can guide you in countless emergencies will always be welcomed. The First Aid by American Red Cross will provide you with great tips on how to handle a great deal of situations. It will take you step by step on standard instructions to assist heart attacks, cuts and bleeding, burns and others. It comes with enough preloaded content meaning that the app is accessible at all times and anywhere.  Simply scroll down to find the emergency and then by tapping on the option it will give you all you need to do to stabilize someone until the ambulance arrives.  One of the best features of this app is that the content is ad-free and the fact that it is a free app makes it even better.  It is available for iOS and Android users.

3. Army First Aid

Having the Army's first aid guidelines is a wish come true for many with the Army First Aid app.  It brings over 600 pages of valuable information and content that cover a variety of situations. From heat and cold injuries to bone fractures, breathing complications, and different type of bleeding cuts, this app has it all. The app will also teach you all you need to know on dangerous and poisonous plants and animals that you might run into out in the wild.  It brings many other worthy features to help you survive like a soldier.  It is only available for iOS users for $1.99

4. Drops First Aid

Another app available on iOS is the Drops First Aid. This app was created by Dynamisk Helse and it delivers helpful information to the user in three sections. The first section provides short instructions to take immediate action on specific first aid emergencies. The second section features great videos and the third section full instructions with images when you have more time to follow the procedures. The app brings further and more advanced techniques that can also be applied. Download this app now for $1.99

5. GotoAID

This app is perfect not only for topics on how to help people but also to help your pets. GotoAID is an app of the Health and Safety Institute. You can download the premium version that will give you more than 400 topics to look at and to use for any emergency. There is also the lite version that will bring much less content but still be helpful to help you tend to a person or a pet. iOS and Android users can benefit from this app at $4.99 the premium version and the lite version for free.