Why use Medical Gloves?

They come in a variety of colors and are disposable but most importantly they serve a protective function when dealing with medical examinations and procedures. These special gloves prevent contamination between the user and the patient. With the latest news on dangerous diseases spreading around the world, the medical gloves become a largely relevant item to keep on your first aid kit.

The gloves are made of polymers such as vinyl, latex, neoprene or nitrile rubber, they can either come powdered with cornstarch to make it easier to put them on or unpowdered which are the ones that are commonly used in surgeries or when attending open wounds since the cornstarch could block the healing process. For those health workers and patients allergic to latex the alternative materials used in these gloves have become vastly popular and even preferred by all users. However for certain procedures like surgeries since there is still to have a glove that matches the great control and touch sensitivity the latex gloves provide.

The unpowdered medical gloves go through a specific manufacturing process to make up for the lack of powder and to relieve the difficulty level at the moment of wearing it.

The medical gloves come in two types:

  • Surgical: designed with higher standards to have more sensitivity and precision since they are used in delicate procedures.
  • Exam: They come sterile or non-sterile and are used for everyday examinations and lesser sensitive practices.

These important items date back to 1890 when Dr. William S. Halsted requested a tire company to fabricate rubber gloves that would endure exposure to carbolic acid. Then the first latex gloves were fabricated in 1964.

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