Medical Supplies for Threatment of Osteoarthritis & Arthritis

Arthritis caused by swelling and degeneration of the joints can affect any major joints in the body according to Mayo Clinic, though it is most commonly seen in the hips, lower back, knees and hands due to their constant use.

There is no cure for this wear and tear, but there are ways to slow down this joint damage and relieve the discomfort that eventually stems from the development of an arthritic condition in the joints.

Noting the Types of Damage

Osteoarthritis damage is unique from other types of this condition, based on the way that it affects the body over time.

•    This condition can stem from a disease or injury but in many causes is simply the result of the aging of the joint that makes it more susceptible to damage, explains

•    As the cartilage in joint increases over time the quality of this tissue will deteriorate, creating crevasses.

•    The crevasses in the cartilage can become swollen and filled with fluid which can lead to bone outgrowths, inflammation and pain. notes that as this condition continues it can make the body more susceptible to pain from friction between the bones. X-rays can be used to evaluate the extent of this damage so an adequate treatment plan can be formed.

Staying on Top of Treatment

Osteoarthritis treatment is essential to help prevent the spread and continued damage from this condition.

•    Wr Medical Electronics Co. Hydrating Cream can help to sooth the skin and anguished areas where symptoms are most prominent.

•    Covering an aching joint with a Core, Soft Comfort CorPak can provide alternating hot and cold to take down swelling. These are ideal for major joints with arthritis symptoms.

•    Medline EMS knee length anti-embolism socks can be used to maintain good circulation so that joints in the ankles and feet are less likely to become swollen.

The Mayo Clinic notes that you can see some relief in working with alternative mediations. Glucosamine and chondroitin have been used to help reduce swelling, though this can cause bleeding problems.

Acupuncture has also been found to assist with reducing the pain caused by arthritic damage. Stretching such as that performed during yoga and tai chi can help to increase blood flow and reduce stress which can calm arthritis.

Osteoarthritis affects patients in different ways so it is important to take on new remedies, gently to determine what will work best to manage your symptoms.