Medicare Diabetic Supplies and Services Coverage

The United States national insurance program Medicare covers many diabetic supplies and services for its enrollees. Some of these supplies and services covered by Medicare Part B (outpatient medical services) include blood sugar test strips, blood sugar testing monitors, lancet devices and lancets, glucose control solutions, therapeutic shoes, diabetes self-management training, yearly eye exams, foot exams, glaucoma tests, and nutrition therapy services. In addition, Medicare Part D covers insulin, anti-diabetic drugs, and further supplies such as syringes, needles, alcohol swabs, gauze, and inhaled insulin devices. 
Most of the aforementioned supplies are available for all people with Medicare who have been diagnosed with diabetes. Moreover, blood sugar monitors are accessible to all people covered by Medicare, while therapeutic shoes or inserts are meant for patients with Medicare who have diabetes and severe diabetic foot disease (also, a podiatrist, orthotist, prostethist, or pedorthist must prescribed and/or provide them). Enrollees pay 20% of the Medicare-approved price for each of these supplies, which fall into the category of durable medical equipment, or DME. Some DME may be rented and other may be purchased, and in some cases the patient may choose to rent or buy DME. DME will be covered only if the patient’s doctor is also enrolled in Medicare. 
Medicare-covered services work on a similar basis of eligibility and payment. These services should always be taken care of by a licensed doctor, whether or not you’re enrolled in Medicare. Speaking of which, and as far as diabetic supplies go, many of the supplies Medicare covers are also available at online sources, such as Discount Medical Supplies. That doesn’t mean you can simply eschew your physician’s advice; but it does mean that you don’t have to necessarily be covered by Medicare in order to gain access to affordable diabetic supplies.  
For example, you can find Invacare TRUE2go, TRUEresult and TRUEtrack blood glucose monitoring systems and Medicooler insulin micro fridges; Invacare TRUEbalance and TRUEread blood glucose test strips; Invacare twist top lancets; Lifescan logbooks for diabetics; Medicool Inc. telescopic foot examination mirrors and Wright prefilled syringe cases; Invacare diabetic shoes and socks; Covidien insulin syringes, needle containers and other insulin products; as well as skin care products like Ameriderm Laboratories DermaSoft hand and body lotion with aloe, all-purpose lotion soap, gentlewash body wash/shampoo; Medline caring body lotion. Make sure to take a look at these items if Medicare is not an option for you.