Medicine Balls: Keep on Rolling

Medicine balls rolling

When it comes to fitness, you can’t get any more ancient than the medicine ball. We here at Discount Medical Supplies we have our share, but do you know why this item is still one of the most popular and effective fitness tools today after two millenniums?

Back in ancient Greece, Hippocrates used to stuff animal skins for patients to toss back and forth for medicinal purposes. He was on to something, and well time has most definitely proved him right. Medicine Balls (that weigh in a range of 1 to 11kgs), are currently used to strengthen and condition, as they are less intimidating than resistance harness or cords or ropes.

The main advantage of Medicine Balls is their versatility, they are such basic fitness items but they have so many uses. Tossing it around, slamming it, lifting it overhead, doing push ups over it, etc. They allow for use of both novices and experts training from light to more demanding and intense workouts. According to fitness experts the medicine ball I a great way to start weight lifting training for those who are at first intimidated by weights.  Plus, they make people feel comfortable as they bring back the feeling of playing while exercising.


Exercising with medicine Balls is suitable for all ages, fitness levels and sizes. They allow for improved range of motion, core strength, coordination, flexibility, joint integrity and upper and lower body strength. However it should be highlighted that improving the core strength should be a all around goal for everybody as it is the body’s center for power. The medicine ball is ideal for working out this part of our bodies.

Furthermore, professional athletes and boot camps also use medicine balls at elite levels for intense strength training. They help build thoroughly muscle mass and endurance. Often, after injuries and surgery, medicine balls are not being used more and more in rehabilitation. At the physical therapy portion of recovery, therapists are relying more on this item to engage the muscles in order to restore fluidity.

To put it in perspective, the formula hasn’t changed that much in the past century and with current advancements in technology the Medicine Ball might be getting a couple of facelifts here and there, but the great benefits are always there. It is a must have item in every gym and physical rehabilitation center. We here at Discount Medical Supplies have quite an extensive catalogue of Medicine Balls, of different shapes, sizes, and weight levels.