The Midday Slump: How to fight it and Prevent it

Midday slumpNobody is immune to the Midday Slump, it is a normal and natural body reaction that we all have. If you are not familiar with the term let me please elaborate. This scenario has happened to us far to often. It’s around 2pm, and for some reason you are having a very tough time keeping those eyes opened. You have overwhelming drowsiness, and you can’t seem to concentrate. This sudden lack of energy can numb you to a complete state of stillness, and you might have a very hard time trying to snap out if it. If you are able to take a nap, great by all means, but if you are in the office and you need to be alert at this particular time, the good news is that there are ways to avoid this slump.

First and foremost, the name Midday Slump is a bit inaccurate. The slump can affect you mid morning, an hour or so after breakfast. Why is that? Well, there is a combination of factors that cause for this reaction from your body. This slump is a low energy effect that’s produced by the activity of the parasympathetic nervous system, caused by an excess in the production of bicarbonate in the blood, it can last from five minutes up to two hours, and it can affect the work activity quite considerably.

Some of the causes for this depletion of energy can be easily avoided; the most obvious is that you need to get a healthy amount of sleep every night, at least 7 hours. However a good night sleep will decrease the chances of you having a case of the midday slump, but there are other possible causes that come into play. First do not skip a meal, whether it is breakfast or lunch, this will diminish your energy. However, its not a matter of just eating anything to cross the meal out of your schedule. Certain foods (specially those with excessive amounts of saturated fat) can fill your belly  but generate a reaction of sleepiness. The reason is because when you eat a meal that has a lot of fatty foods, the digestive system will employ a substantial amount of blood in the digestive process, causing for less blood to reach the brain, this will result in you feeling very sleepy after a large meal.

Lack of physical activity and exercise. If you are a person that is not in the best shape, you will very likely have a low amount of energy. Working out does wonders for the body, but in this particular field, it helps your system to be energized throughout your day.

Yet another cause for the midday slump is in the way you sit down. If you work in an office and have to spend a lot of time hunched over a keyboard, looking at a computer screen, this, plus the aforementioned factors, is a surefire combination for a complete lack of energy. Do not slump in your chair. Properly sit up straight.

Correcting those factors will ensure you to have a better amount of energy an that midday slump will be a thing of the past. But, just for argument sake, let’s just say that you are experiencing midday slump and need to deal with it right away, specially since a power nap might not be an option at the moment. Here are some quick fixes that can help you power through it.

If you are starting to feel drowsy, do not remain sitting where you are. Stand up and step away from the computer screen for a minute or two, eye strain and the glare of the computer screen makes it difficult for you to remain with your eyes opened.

If you need a quick boost of energy, perform some stretch exercises to loosen up the stiffness and recharge your batteries. Also, try drinking a glass of water every now and then, it is a natural source of energy that our body is in constant need.

Also splash some cold water on your face, chew some gum and, if possible switch tasks. If you are working on a monotonous project that is demanding a lot of your time, try and see if you can do something different to snap out of the routine.

The midday slump is a physical state that is completely avoidable with relatively very simple and small changes to our daily lives. You will soon realize that when you have enough energy you will not only be more productive, you will start feeling a lot better throughout the day.

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