Natural tips for Gallbladder Diseases

The natural healing power of sleepThe gallbladder is a pear-shaped organ that measures at approximately 12 centimeters long, and its located underneath the liver. Its main function is to store the bile that is produced by the liver. During digestion the gallbladder sends bile to the small intestine to help digest fat. It is an organ that is considered non-essential to our body’s function. Many people suffer from gallbladder diseases, such as cholecystitis (inflammation), Gallstones (when small stones made from bile crystallize causing pain and inflammation, Pancreatitis (when a gallstone obstructs the ducts that help drain the pancreas, causing inflammation), and Gallbladder cancer (a very rare disease).

Most of these disorders require that the person should follow a diet low in fats. This is because the fat stimulates the contractions of the gallbladder, which should be avoided when this organ is inflamed. This diet must also exclude spices and spicy food, since they can cause irritation. This diet is essential for the proper treatment of gallbladder problems. The gallbladder works jointly with the liver. If this does not work correctly, the liver can also be affected. Therefore, if you suffer from problems of gallbladder it is important that you have in mind certain foods, with which you can prepare natural remedies for a vesicular cleansing. If you need to know how to detoxify and cleanse the gallbladder correctly, always keep in mind that nothing works better than getting to know certain foods that can stimulate your body a help you heal.

If you want to know how detoxify the gallbladder, keep the following foods in your diet.

• Alfalfa: This cereal has the property to clean and purify the liver and the gallbladder, drink once a day a glass of water mixed with a teaspoon of crushed alfalfa seeds, hopefully at breakfast. Also, you can add alfalfa sprouts to your salads.

• Olive Oil and lemon: By combining both, you can get a natural remedy to eliminate gallbladder stones. To do this, mix 3 tablespoons of olive oil with the juice of a single lemon, before going to bed and just after waking up. This beverage will help to purify the gallbladder.

• Beets and apples: Beet juice and apples contain natural substances that can reduce the inflammation of the gallbladder. Take them on a daily basis and avoid adding sugar (as this may alter the gallbladder’s function).

It is important to note that a balanced diet ordered by your doctor is intended to drastically reduce the fat you consume. Meals of a day only provide 20 grams of fat when you take into account that, usually, the amount of fat that is consumed per day round between the 75 and 100 grams. However, in certain occasions you can add butter, margarine, oil, and other, always in small quantities and observing the effect that they produce. This is because there are people who suffer from gallbladder conditions but that can tolerate small intakes fat better than than others.