Natural Ways to Treat Insomnia!


Having a good night sleep has unbelievable wonders for you. Sometimes you might not even realize it. But having 7 hours of good, healthy sleep can have a great impact on your day. Your mood will be improved, you will be sharper, and your brain will be more active and creative.

When insomnia hits us, it can really throw our life out of whack. It can become a vicious cycle, as stress can trigger insomnia and eventually the same insomnia can cause stress, and so on. There are simple ways that can help you treat insomnia naturally and help you improve your sleep. These are all simple and natural solutions; most of them can be done at home.

First thing you need to do is impose a healthy sleeping routine on yourself. Establish a specific bedtime hour where you will be in bed on time ready to sleep. One hour prior to it you need to allow you brain to “power down”, which means don’t seek distractions that could keep you up. Turn off the TV, put your cell phone away, turn off all the lights and remember to stay patient and calm. Naturally, if you have insomnia this will not be enough. But once you are ready to heal these are the settings you will need. If you toss and turn often consider getting a Cervical indentation Pillow.


Stress is the number one factor that causes insomnia, and while you learn how to manage stress, there are also other ways to help you treat your insomnia just by making a few alterations to your diet.  For example, there are foods that will just exacerbate the problem and others that will directly have the opposite effect. There are 5 recommendations for you to include on your diet. Eat more Almonds, Cherries, bananas, oatmeal, and the popular valerian root. Having light meals, a couple of hours before going to bed with these ingredients will help the body feel sleepy.

Another healthy and natural way to be insomnia is working out. Having an exercise in the afternoon and evening will diminish your energy and will tire you, making it easy for you to sleep, not only that it will help you to reduce stress as well. Added to this taking Yoga and meditation can also help you achieve to reduce stress considerably. Yoga can help you relax your body and reduce stress, and doing some meditation exercises just before you go to sleep can also put you in a resting mindset that can let you fall asleep easier.

If your insomnia is not letting up, consult with your chiropractor; see if there is anything that he or she might be able to do for you. We at Discount Chiropractic Supplies, can help you provide with the tools you need to help you defeat insomnia.

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