All I need is the air that I breathe: Lung Health Day 2015!

Stating the importance of maintaining our lung health would be a redundant. As living-breathing beings (just like every creature on this Earth), we need to breathe in order to live. So explaining why we must take care of our lungs would be stating the obvious. We are approaching Respiratory Care Week (from Monday October 26th until Sunday November 1st) and right in the middle of the week, on Wednesday the 28th we have Lung Health Day 2015. In order to celebrate this important day of awareness, Discount Medical Supplies presents ways to can improve your respiratory system and lung health.

Where does it come from?

The idea of having a special day dedicated to our lung health was originally created by the American Association of Respiratory Care (AARC). Its intention is to help raise awareness and attention to the different diseases that affect our lungs. Also, it is a great time to focus on how we can change our homes, workplaces and communities to effectively create a healthier environment for our lungs.

What can you do to make surroundings more Lung-friendly?

However, in order to fully go all the way and truly make a positive change of your lung health and those who are around you, there are plenty actions that you can apply to your daily lives. The best thing is that these tips are very simple and easy to follow, and they can have a wonderful and noticeable impact in our lung health. Having clean air not only is healthier, but it truly can change a person’s mood and overall disposition. That is why employers should keep a healthy air environment to care for their employees. This also translates to home settings, where keeping a healthy air environment can ensure a more pleasant home.

Here are 6 very simple tips to help avoid creating environments that could be hazardous to your lungs.

1.      Here is a very simple one. And you have probably heard this one before: Avoid smoking (or better yet, don’t smoke at all). Smoking is a very damaging habit that can really put your health at risk. Not only that, it also puts at risk the health of others around you.

2.      If you practice good hygiene you will avoid getting exposed to potential harmful bacteria that could cause for infections. Also, if you maintain that good hygiene you will also protect others by avoiding spreading bacteria and diseases.

3.      Adopting a good and healthy diet is not only great to stay in shape; it also brings great benefits to your lung health. Include more foods in your diet that are rich in OMEGA-3 to keep your lungs strong.

4.      Make sure that your home is well ventilated, thus making the quality of the air you breathe much better. If you need assistance purifying the air in your home, there are many air purifiers available right here in DMS.

5.      If your work demands for you to be exposed to chemicals and dust it is of crucial importance that you wear protective gear.

6.      Work out. Taking on physical activity and exercise can help you strengthen no only your muscles, but your lungs as well. It will help you purify your lungs.

Lung Health on Discount Medical Supplies

DMS holds a vast category of items aimed specifically to tackle all your respiratory care needs, with a large selection of products of the highest quality for our customers who are dealing with lung conditions. Furthermore in our Daily Living Aids category we have a submenu for Air Care items that will help you create a home or office environment more sensitive to guarding your lung’s health.

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