New Study links Depression to Premature Death in seniors

Premature death in seniors

In a recent study led by researchers from UCLA, evidence was found that states that seniors that are going through diabetes of depression are at a higher risk of a premature death than seniors that do not have either one of the two conditions. The research was performed in order to further study the effects of both conditions on elders to see the real impact they have on our life span. According to their results, individuals who experience both conditions have a large risk of a premature death. More so than individuals who only experience just diabetes. Individuals who are going through depression are also at risk of a string of health problems that could very well affect their quality of life and therefore impact their life expectancy. This result will lead to further investigation on the effects depression has on seniors.

The researchers in charge of this analyzed data of around 3500 patients that participated in the Translating Research Into Action for Diabetes study. They rounded up medical information with the aid of health insurance claims, medical charts and phone interviews. The Study was based on interviews upon starting the investigation and follow up check ups and interviews administered up to six or seven years later for the people involved. Gathering the information available, then the mortality risk was assessed and calculated for the participant.  Just in the United States, there are a total of 10.9 million seniors dealing with diabetes. 

Researchers uncovered those older individuals that had depression along side diabetes are at an alarming 78% more likely to have a premature death in comparison to those seniors without depression. Among the population of people dealing with diabetes as well the results were most shocking. Considering the steady growth of population of older individuals with diabetes, these results prove that depression is a more serious issue that what we had accounted for. The study accounted for gender, age and ethnicity, and the results on each group were pretty similar at the end.

The results of the study were publish in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, and it further opens up a new spectrum of research for the real effects of depression amongst our elders. Since, physically, being depressed can lead to health complications that could add to our own mortality. Researchers have stated that it is imperative that people at a certain age, be looked after.